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In ancient times, a poor and wretched peddler stumbled upon a great evil. Weak of will and tempted by the awesome power, he gave himself to the darkness, and the Sorcerer came to be.
―Excerpt from the NinjaNomicon

The Sorcerer is the main antagonist of the Disney XD animated series, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. The Sorcerer is the evil one that wants to destroy the Ninja of Norrisville.



The Sorcerer is a dangerous opponent, ruthless, greedy, and power-hungry. He will also stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He feeds off negative emotions, such as despair, fear, hate, humiliation, and anger, and uses them both to manipulate others into becoming his pawns and fuel his powers thanks to his Chaos Pearls. He is highly sadistic, longing for suffering and terror to occur. However, he mostly appears sophisticated and somewhat polite, this facade is not strong, however, and he is also quick to anger, and will punish any who fail him. It also appears that in the 800 years he's been imprisoned he has seemingly gone insane, as he spends much of his time talking to a Rat, though it could just be the fact he's so lonely.

In the episode "Sorcerer in Love", it was revealed the Sorcerer had a love interest; the Sorceress. Since both share many similarities soon fall for one another spreading chaos together. Unfortunately, their love was cut short when the Sorceress was banished to the Land of Shadows during the battle against the First Ninja. The Sorcerer was saddened by the loss of his beloved.

Much of the Sorcerer's past hadn't been revealed until season two episode "Julian's Birthday Surprise", where it is revealed that he used to be human before he found a Chaos Pearl and gave in to the forces of darkness, which turned him into the Sorcerer.


He is most likely immortal because he has been able to survive for eight-hundred years without his human self. He used to be human, but when he gave himself to evil, he turned into a skinny, bony, and green-skinned hideous creature. He wears a brown shattered shawl--which was formerly a much fancier and nicer outfit before his imprisonment--and has long sharp claws and a long forked tongue. He also wears his chaos pearls as a belt around his hips.

In the early 13th century, the Sorcerer wore a green Japanese outfit with a kasa (Japanese hat) and geta (sandals). He still had a bony body, although his skin was a lighter shade of green.

Powers and abilities


The Sorcerer has the magical ability to a turn human victim into a monsters referred as being Stank (Randy). Those who have been Stanked are highly aggressive and vengeful, thus spreading chaos and destruction. This, in turn, helps power the Sorcerer so he can get break free of his prison, generally either by trying to destroy the Ninja or spreading general chaos. The only way to "Destank" a human is to destroy their most prized possession, which the Stank possesses. People who get Stanked are either weak-willed, have a broken heart, or are going through moments of great emotional trauma. The Stank can find its way to the target all on its own. A few Stanked students creates enough chaos for the Sorcerer to escape. Stanking also normally gives the victims ironic powers, such as making Buttermaker amphibious or Brent able to breathe fire. Upon being Destanked, the victim normally forgets all that happened while they were a monster, and even some things that happened before then, as well as being dazed and confused for a short while.

In "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon", the Sorcerer demonstrates a much more devastating incarnation of stank. He has Red Stank, which, unlike the green version, doesn't change people into monsters. Instead, it physically affects and manipulates objects. He uses it to almost squeeze the life out of Randy and to create a giant monstrous version of his head that chases Randy, but it is destroyed when Randy gets too far out of range. The red Stank seems to take more energy and focus for the Sorcerer to create and manipulate outside of his prison.

In the episode "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key", the Sorcerer demonstrates another incarnation of stank. He uses Yellow Stank, which allows the Sorcerer to directly control whomever he stanks. It takes 100 years to brew, making it extremely complicated. This form of Stank also has the power to combine two or more victims into one powerful creature under the Sorcerer's control.

In "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", the Sorcerer has the power to create a giant astral projection of himself that shadows his every moves.

In the episode "Unstank My Hart", the Sorcerer uses yet another version of Stank. This type, which is blue in color, grants the victims their innermost desires (such as granting Levander Hart guitar skills when he originally lacked them). Instead of transforming on contact, blue Stank builds up over time, transforming the victim into a much stronger monster later on.

Chaos Pearls

The Sorcerer wears them like a belt on his waist. When his chaos pearls reach full power, he can escape his prison and begin consuming the world in chaos. The pearls allow the Sorcerer to view events remotely with the pearls, and uses this ability to contact Hannibal McFist. In "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", because of Randy's meddling in the past, the Sorcerer lost four of them before he was trapped. One has been found by Catfish Booray.

When someone makes contact with a Chaos Pearl, the Sorcerer can control the person as long as the orb is close enough to him. He uses this to control Catfish Booray in the episode "Welcome Back Catfish" and turn him into a monster by having him swallow the pearl. However, once Catfish is too far out of reach, the Sorcerer loses control of him, Catfish is later returned to normal once Randy causes him to spit up the pearl.

Role in the series

This one-time master of the dark arts was sealed beneath the Earth 800 years ago by the last survivor of Norisu Nine (a family of ninjas that fought the Sorcerer). But in the present-day, Norrisville High School was built over his burial ground and he has reawakened. In order to escape, the Sorcerer needs to create chaos to build his power. He does this by turning the most vulnerable people in school into rampaging monsters. If he creates enough chaos, he could break free from his prison and rip the world to shreds. Hannibal McFist has allied with the Sorcerer to cause chaos in exchange that the Sorcerer gives Hannibal McFist the ability of his choosing. During his time in his prison, the Sorcerer started socializing with a rat.

In season one finale, the Sorcerer finally grew weary of McFist's constant failures at freeing him form his prison and threatened to offer his reward to another. McFist insisted he would free the Sorcerer today, shocking both Viceroy and the Sorcerer, who informed him this was his last chance. Meanwhile, Randy and Howard unintentionally went back in time using Viceroy's time machine. While in the past, the boys unintentionally interfered with the First Ninja's attempt to seal the Sorcerer. Unknown to Randy, his actions in the past caused the Sorcerer in the present day to be free to cause havoc and chaos throughout Norrisville. Back in the past, the Sorcerer gained the opportunity to steal the First Ninja's Eye of Eternity. The First Ninja became depressed over his failure, forcing Randy and Howard to stop the Sorcerer by themselves. However, during the battle, the Tengu that was sealed within the Eye was released by accident and possessed Howard, giving the Sorcerer advantage. Before the final blow was sent however, the First Ninja interfered and the three worked together to seal the Sorcerer once more, fixing Norrisville history and the future once more. Afterwards, both Randy and Howard returned to the present.

Despite their effort to fix the present successful, Randy and Howard also caused four of the Sorcerer's Chaos Pearls to scatter. Catfish Booray discovered one of the Chaos Pearls and was Stanked in process.

In the Season 2 finale, the Sorcerer is freed by Randy in order to fight against Evil Julian. They have won but the Sorcerer betrays Randy. Later he reunites his former self and he is sent to the afterlife.


The Sorcerer's Rat

The Sorcerer's only close friend is a rat he met in "Got Stank?" The rat is the one thing that the he has a conversation with since he introduced himself to it and also revealed his evil plan of escaping to it. After the Sorcerer's chaos failed to give him power in "So U Think U Can Stank" and he was clearly downcast, the rat tried to cheer him up by patting his back.

Hannibal McFist

McFist agreed to help the Sorcerer escape by destroying the Norrisville Ninja in exchange for a superpower of his choice. The Sorcerer often gets angry at him whenever his schemes fail and McFist is shown to fear the wizard, since he gets stressed and was even once shown to be hiding from him along with Viceroy.

Willem Viceroy

Viceroy helps McFist in his plots to destroy the ninja so that the Sorcerer could escape with ease and grant McFist his wish of having a superhuman ability. He wants the Sorcerer to notice his carefully though out plans and got annoyed when McFist kept interrupting him in "McFists of Fury". He was shown to be afraid of the Sorcerer in McFists of Fury since he was hiding from him along with McFist behind a table.

The Sorceress

While causing chaos in a Japanese village in 1209, the Sorcerer met the Sorceress, it was love at first fight. They teamed up to stank the town, and became nearly invincible. However, the First Ninja destroyed their twisted romance when he banished the Sorceress to the Land of Shadows. The Sorcerer was sad by this, but she would later returned to set him free in the episode "Sorcerer in Love".

First Ninja

The last survivor of the Norisu Nine back in 1209, the Sorcerer and the Sorceress teamed up to cause chaos, when the First Ninja fought them. He manage to defeat the Sorceress knocking her into the portal that the two sorcerers had created while trying to hit him. This banished her to the Land of Shadows.

In the episode "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja". With the help of the future ninja Randy, Howard, and his squire Plop Plop, seal the Sorcerer underground once more with the Eye of Eternity.

Randy Cunningham

Randy first found out that the Sorcerer is his arch-enemy in "So U Think U Can Stank" from the NinjaNomicon. Although the Sorcerer knows about the Norrisville Ninja's existence they have not yet met each other, but the first ninja was the one who imprisoned him underground. The Sorcerer claims that once he escapes, that he will destroy the Ninja. Randy does know that his escape could cause destruction of world. They finally meet face-to-face in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon". Using his powers, the Sorcerer tries to crush Randy to death, but Randy manages to knock him down with an Ninja Air Fist. The two share a strong hatred for each other. n "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", the two meet in person when the Sorcerer is riding battle rats through ancient Norrisville. Randy, using the Howard-possessing Tengu, fights the Sorcerer after he accidentally stopped the First Ninja from defeating him. The Sorcerer was about to kill Randy and Howard, but the First Ninja steps in and stops him. In "Ball's Well That Friends Well," when Sorcerer team up the Ninja (Randy) to fight Evil Julian for the final battle.


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  • The only two episodes where the Sorcerer doesn't appear in order to stank a student is with Bucky in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch", and Pradeep in "Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja".
  • Unlike the other characters, he has four fingers.
  • The only character the Sorcerer has been with in person are the Sorcerer's Rat and its descendants.
  • The Sorcerer has a long lost love, the Sorceress, who appears in "Sorcerer in Love" and "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress' Revenge".
  • Since "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", the Sorcerer has been voiced by Ben Cross. The reasons being was for his original voice actor, Tim Curry, suffering a stroke.
  • The Sorcerer's outfit changes in Season 2.
  • In "Julian's Birthday Surprise", it's revealed how he came to be.
    • Apparently, he used to be human before he found one of the Chaos Pearls and gave himself to the darkness, which turned him into the Sorcerer.
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