"The Star Dipper" is the seventh episode of Star Darlings.


When mean girl Vivica tries to destroy Scarlet's drawing, she suddenly gets levitated and tossed all about by someone using Wish Energy.


The episode starts with Scarlet sketching. Suddenly Vivica appears and peeks at her sketch. Vivica then calls Scarlet a "Star Dipper". Meanwhile, Vega is having problems with levitating heavy objects. Sage says that it's all in her mind. But then Vivica sneakily snatches Vega's pen to ruin Scarlet's sketch. Scarlet was a bit upset but has an idea of making the sketch darker with designs. Vivica was surprised then she saw a glass of juice, which Sage tries to help Vega levitating heavy objects. Vega was slightly distracted when Libby and Leona where looking at pictures of Ganymede. Vega was a bit mad, however Sage said she had full control of the cup but Vega said she didn't do it. The user who levitates the cup was Vivica, who was trying to ruin Scarlet's sketch. Fortunately, Scarlet prevents the juice from ruining her sketch and starts to play with Vivica while sketching. The other Star Darlings watch this, and Scarlet tells Vivica that she wanted to bully her and ruin her artwork. Scarlet then tells Vivica not to pretend to be innocent, play dumb and try to act. She states that Vivica is terrible at all three. Vivica commands Scarlet to put her down, then she fell into a magic platform that Scarlet created and threw the juice in the floor and told Scarlet that she'll always be a "Star Dipper". Before Vivica left, she slipped on the juice that she threw earlier. Scarlet said that she'll take being a "Star Dipper" over being totally starless any day. The other Star Darlings would have Scarlet train them. The episode ends with Vivica kicking the empty glass.

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