"The Stars of the Milky Way" was performed by Mr. Dairy Goods and his Stars of the Milky Way in the former Kitchen Kabaret attraction at Epcot.


Mr. Dairy Goods:
It's time to meet some beauties
At this, our rendezvous
We all come from the dairy
With moving words for you

With grace and ease
Here is Miss Cheese
A delightful array of curds

Miss Cheese:
Your taste buds, I'll appease
I know how to please
It's known that I'm too good for words
Oh, isn't that right, big boy?

Mr. Dairy Goods:
Oh, it certainly is
It's nice to flirt
With Miss Yogurt
The love of many gourmets

Miss Yogurt:
Your palate is assured
I'm really quite cultured
Make a soured scene okay
And each and everyday

Mr. Dairy Goods:
My, what of course
Often, I dream
Of Miss Ice Cream
A beauty who's charming and sweet

Miss Ice Cream:
Mmm, I'm cool through and through
And I've got a double scoop for you
To be with me, baby
It's such a tasty treat

Mr. Dairy Goods:
Now, you have met my beauties
I think you will agree
These girls have such style
And taste that's heavenly

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