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"The Third Temple" is the second segment of the thirty-eighth episode of Amphibia. It aired on April 17, 2021.


Anne and Marcy need the help of an old friend to survive a volcanic temple that holds the final key to returning home.


In a flashback, 3 year old Anne and Marcy are accosted on a swing set by a pair of older girls named Janice and Lexy, but are "rescued" by Sasha who clumsily, yet successfully gets them to leave. She happily introduces herself to her new friends. In the present, Anne, Marcy, the Plantars and Frobo are riding Joe Sparrow to the third and final temple which is located inside a volcano. Frobo opens the door for them before he tends to a very tired Joe Sparrow. After the group enter, two shadows follow immediately behind. As the group enter, the Plantars are immediately dehydrated, but continue on. They encounter a room full of lava worms and Anne and Marcy attempt to fight them with giant hammers. Out of nowhere, Sasha reveals herself and helps the group into the next room.

While Marcy is happy to see Sasha, Anne is still hurt by their last encounter, which is not made better by the fact that she also brought Captain Grime, who is also affected by the extreme heat. Sasha claims that she and Grime had time to think and that she wants to help them recovering the gems' energy source. Despite this, Anne is still suspicious and treats Sasha with slight trepidation. The next test simply consists of lifting some weights which Sasha does with ease, but the final challenge has them facing off against a giant lava rock guardian combined with the gravity in the room pushing everyone down. The frogs all become helpless, leaving Anne, Sasha and Marcy to face the creature on their own.

The gravity becomes too much for Marcy and Sasha confronts Anne for her reluctance to team up with her. Anne admits that she was angry not just because of Toad Tower, but because of how she treated her throughout their friendship. Despite this, Anne motivates Sasha to fight and she overcomes the gravity and defeats the guardian. Sasha does the honor of recharging the last gem, with the pink hue draining from her eyes, and Marcy suggests that they wait and bring the box back to King Andrias. Outside, Anne and Sasha seem to resolidify their friendship. As she walks away, Grime reminds Sasha of their plan which her claiming that they bought her act. When Grime tells her that their plan cannot be undone, Sasha gives a look of guilt.



  • This episode shows how Anne and Marcy first met Sasha.
  • Matt Braly confirmed Anne's next encounter with Sasha would be "volcanic", referring to this episode.
  • After Sasha succeeds at the last challenge, Marcy reads a text that says "Congrats bra, you finally know what it takes to go the distance". This is a possible nod to the song "Go the Distance" from Hercules.
  • In the gravity chamber when Sasha took off her cloak and boots and they smashed stuff; it is a nod to the Dragon Ball franchise about Goku and Piccolo wearing super heavy clothing.
  • Likewise with Anne and Marcy, the pink glow in Sasha's eyes drains out when her gem is charged, showing she lost her powers and her connection with it.
  • The hammers in the first challenge resemble the Megaton Hammer from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and when she picks one up, she says "Man, this thing weighs a ton!", referencing it's name.
  • An instrumental of "Heartstomper" is heard as Sasha fights the robot.

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