The Tip Top Club was a club that was exclusive to the Hollywood Tower Hotel and its guests. The club is on an unmarked thirteenth floor of the hotel. It housed a small orchestra that would perform big band style music, such as "Sing, Sing, Sing" originally by Benny Goodman.

The orchestra is led by Anthony Freemont, according to an advertisement in the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. In regards to the ride Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, it is a reference to the Twilight Zone character Anthony Freemont. Previously, the Tip Top Club had featured the artistic stylings of the Silver Lake Sisters.

The club was open for the last time October 31st, 1939. The band was supposed to feature Claire Poulet on Halloween, but she never made it to the party.

The Tip Top Club, along with the rest of the hotel closed sometime following the events of Halloween 1939 when Dwight Todd, son of founder and CEO of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, Hugh Todd, vanished without a trace along with the hotel's most reputable guest Sally Shine, her nanny Emeline Partridge, aspiring singer Carolyn Crosson, and actor Gilbert London.


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