"The Title Makers/Nature's Half Acre" is an episode of Walt Disney Presents.


Walt Disney takes us into the studio's title card department to go behind the scenes at the unique stop-motion title sequence for the film The Parent Trap. Afterwards, we go into the recording session of the title song that will play over the credits, performed by Annette Funicello and Tommy Sands. When the two take a break from recording, a mysterious voice speaks to them requesting to know the story of the film. Annette and Tommy explain to the voice about the film, the story of separated twins who meet for the first time and scheme to get their divorced parents back together. Soon however, they see that the voice is none other than Walt himself.

The second half of the program is the True-Life Adventure featurette Nature's Half Acre.


  • This was the last episode of the original Disney anthology series to air on ABC, the last aired in black and white, and the last with the title Walt Disney Presents.
  • The "voice" was actually Paul Frees.
  • The first half can be seen on the Vault Disney collection DVD of The Parent Trap.


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