The uncensored mouse

The Uncensored Mouse was a comic book series reprinting Mickey Mouse comics from the 1930s, published by Eternity Comics in 1989. The title derives from the fact that the strips were unedited.


The strips in the book were published without Disney's permission. As result of this, Eternity Comics printed the comic with totally black covers, bag and boarded (to prevent casual buyers from flipping through the comic), and the inside of the comic had a printed notice "Mickey Mouse is a registered trademark of Walt Disney Productions" so as not to confuse the market that it was an authorized Disney production. However, Eternity Comics had not violated any copyrights as the strips had fallen into public domain. Regardless, Disney brought a lawsuit against the company and the series was cancelled after two issues (a third issue had been planned).


The strips were reprinted uncut and as such contained racial stereotypes, language, and other things deemed inappropriate. Content such as this was more commonplace when the strip was first published in the 1930s.


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