"The Vamp-Opera" is a song from the Vampirina episode of the same name. It is sung by all of the characters after Vee casts a spell that cause everyone to sing instead of talk.


Try coming up with a song now
(spoken) Huh
(resumes singing) That felt strange somehow

How can we rock
With an epic case
Of writer's block

Our songwriting's way to tardy
To be ready for the big block party

What is going on?

Why does everything we say
End up coming out in song?

Did I mess up this old spell?
Yes, I must have done it wrong

And now one thing here is clearly indisputable
I have made the world into a great big musical

Poppy and Bridget:
A musical

(spoken) Wait, what?

So the whole wide world's a musical?
All my dreams are coming true
Will you tell me, tell me pretty please
Will I get a pony too?

I really really doubt that

Me too
But honestly, for reals
What are we gonna do?

Demi! Gregoria!

The ghostest with the mostest
Has appeared at your behest
So tell me, Vee just you to me
What is your monsterrific request?

What's going on here?
What was that?
And that (5x)
Sing it, sister
This is getting scary
What'd you do to make me sing like
a spooky stone canary?

I was trying out a spell
I thought I'd do it well
It didn't go exactly as I planned
I may have modified it
The spell, it was a hybrid
Now singing is the only way
to make you understand

A hybrid, a hybrid
What's a hybrid again?
Just asking for a friend

It's when two spells combine
And come out doubly strong
They're twice as tough to break
So we're doomed to speak in song

Doomed, doomed to a lifetime stuck in rhyme

Could be, unclear
A day, a week a year
Or it might disappear

Now that it's bedtime


I thought you could use a little backup
And we could have a nice duet
What do you think?

Here's a fact
This gargoyle's a solo act

Now, as I said
it's time for bed
And maybe by the break of dawn
We will wake up and the spell will be gone


Demi, focus
We've got to wait out
this hocus-pocus

And that's no joke-us
Let's get some sleep
And in the morning
we wil speak


Demi, please

Good night

Demi: Uppity uppity, up Gregoria: You sang? Vee: He sang Demi: I sang All: We sang Vee: This spell, this spell We're still under the spell My plan to fix this It didn't go so well Demi: It's time to face the music And get us back to talking Gregoria: We've go to tell your parents Let's get to walking Vee: Mama and Papa I have to tell you something Oxana: What is it. Batkins? Boris: Why are we singing? Vee: Oh no, this spell came out Stronger than I could tell Oxana and Boris: Darling, what spell? Vee: I tried my hand at a hybrid spell And now it seems you're singing too Wolfie: (howling) Chef Remy Bones: Scare bleu Oxana: Gosh, they're hard to undo Boris: But don't worry, batkins The spell can reverse We'll fix this most powerful curse Demi: That sounds fangtastic But, please breakfast first Chef Remy Bones: How about some lox And scream cheese? Demi: Oh, I'd really love some Thank you, please Chef Remy Bones: No, not for you These are Vee's Gregoria: I don't mean to bring you down Or to be malcontent But I feel a sense of doom Way deep down in my cement Poppy: We have a problem All: We know Poppy: I'm not the only one Who's stuck in song It's worse than We all thought You should hear my mom Boris: Hear your mom Demi: Oh no Vee: Oh no All: Oh, no oh, no Poppy: She doesn't seem aware Of all the melodies and songs that fill the air Edna Peepleson: Hello, neighbors Boris and Oxana: Hello, Edna Edna: Are you getting ready for the block party tonight Oxana: I am cooking something that is sure to be a fright Vee: Wait, not Edgar? Poppy: Yes, Edgar Edgar: I'm making a video To show behind the scenes And if I'm really lucky I will catch some monster screams Poppy: That hybrid spell was not fooling around Vee: I really hope it didn't hit the whole entire town Both: The whole entire town All: (vocalizing) Mailman: Every day another catalogue Every day another barking dog What a day nothing can go wrong It's like life is a song Citizen: Leash your beast Dribble and swish I could sure go for a nice knish Hear the tune playing sweet and strong It's like life is a song Mr. Gore: Hey, girls I'm getting giddy Can't wait to hear Your brand-new diddy And I feel so tippy tappy I don't know why but I'm just so happy All: So happy Vee: Bats and frogs things are less than fine Poppy: Our neighborhood's becomes a chorus line All: Let's join hands and dance and sing along It's like life is a song It's like life is a... Gregoria: All right, enough that's more than I can stand If this goes on much longer I'll be dreaming in jazz hands Demi: Vee, since you're the one Who thought to brew it You're the only one who can undo it Vee: Can you tell me What would happen If I blew it? Gregoria: You don't want to know Vee: Well, ready set, let's go A smidge of this A drop of that The right amount of fright I'll surely be a brainy bat I hope I get this right I'll see in the clearest Vampirese With this drop I ask for No more singing, please All: No more singing, please



  • This is the first Vampirina song in the series to be the longest.
  • This is the first Vampirina song in the series where Edna Peepleson and Edgar sing.

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