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"The Van" is the first segment of the fifty-ninth episode of Big City Greens.


Gramma and Cricket conspire to get rid of an ugly van that has been parked in front of their house for days, but when they discover the owner is friendly, they must help him get the van back while trying to hide the truth.


While Bill is showing Cricket and Tilly the new mailbox he built, Gramma Alice exhumes on a van that has been parked outside of their house for quite some time. Convinced that the owner left it there on purpose to be a jerk, Alice convinces Cricket to help find a way to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Tilly decides to go to the Little Tokyo district of Big City to buy bread to feed her pet koi fish Marcus. First, Alice and Cricket call upon Officer Keys to help get rid of the van, but he is powerless to do anything about it as it is technically not illegal. After he leaves, the two of them do everything they can to try and remove it until Cricket kicks the shocks under the van; causing it to roll down the street and the two celebrate.

A man named Rick suddenly appears asking where his van went. Contrary to Alice's description, Rick is a soft-hearted individual who explains that the van's breaks were broken and that he left it there to do something. To avoid having him call the cops, Cricket and Alice decide to help him locate his van, despite not wanting to. Back in Little Tokyo, Tilly proceeds to feed Marcus an almost whole loaf of bread. Based on how he consumes it, it is implied that he is gigantic, much to Tilly's concern. Cricket, Alice and Rick follow along on the van's trail through the streets of Big City and across a golf course where it ended up in a tree. During this time, Rick shows a very friendly and gracious attitude, but Alice secretly refuses to accept it as genuine, despite Cricket's belief.

Eventually, the van rolls down another hill and lands in Little Tokyo where Marcus, who is enormous, rises and swallows the van. Rick thanks Cricket and Alice for helping him and reveals that he parked the van in front of their house because his wife was having a baby and there were no other spots available. His wife arrives with the newborn which causes Cricket and Alice to break down and admit their wrongdoing. They hop into the pond and get Marcus to spit out the whole van before apologizing for their actions. They tell Rick that he can park in front of their house whenever he wants just as Marcus spits out a full skeleton, causing Tilly to tell him that he needs to go on a diet.



  • This episode reveals that Tilly has pets outside of the farm.
  • Tilly is revealed to be able to speak Japanese.
  • Animal names: Marcus the Koi fish.
  • This is the third episode to show someone to be a creep, the first two were "Welcome Home" and "Greens' Acres".
    • However, the creep was only imagined.
  • The place Tilly went to, Little Tokyo, was a cross parody of China Town.
  • Gloria is revealed to also love Burger Clown, though she is afraid to admit it.
  • Alice apparently finds Officer Keys flexibility somewhat attractive.
  • This episode and "Bat Girl" premiered on Passover 2021.
  • Moral: Don't judge someone by their appearance alone.

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