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"The Virginia Company" is the opening song and the first song of Disney's 1995 animated feature, Pocahontas. It demonstrates the goals and position of the crew setting sail on the Jamestown expedition as this plays while the men are saying goodbye to their families. The song also serves to introduce characters like Thomas, John Smith, and Ben and Lon, who serve as main characters for the rest of the film. The song is sung again when John Smith and his crew sail on the Susan Constant to explore the New World at Virginia before the opening credits song "Steady as the Beating Drum".


In 1607
We sailed the open sea
For glory, God and gold
And the Virginia Company

For the New World is like heaven
And we'll all be rich and free
Or so we have been told
By the Virginia Company

So we have been told
By the Virginia Company

For glory, God and gold
And the Virginia Company

(instrumental break)

On the beaches of Virginny
There's diamonds like debris
There's silver rivers flowin'
Gold you pick right off a tree
With a nugget for my Winnie
And another one for me
And all the rest'll go
To the Virginia Company

It's glory, God and gold
And the Virginia Company!

We'll kill ourselves an Injun
Or maybe two or three
We're stalwart men and bold
Of the Virginia Company

It's glory, God and gold
And the Virginia Company!


  • The song says that the English are sailing to America "for Glory, God, and gold." This was actually the motivation of the Spanish conquistadors, who were, at the time, enemies of England.
  • When Governor Ratcliffe is boarding the ship during the song, the Rat from Lady and the Tramp can be seen boarding the ship as well.
  • The reprise was originally supposed to be sung after Thomas was taken below deck after his rescue and was mockingly scared by a crewmate who describes to him what the Indians do when they capture you. John reassures him that he doesn't need to worry about savages since they're his concern. Thomas would then be the one to ask if they would give them much trouble, causing the men to sing it to Thomas's delight.

Original Scene for The Virginia Company (Reprise)


Pocahontas deleted scene Below The Deck After Thomas' Rescue

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