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"The Weight of the World" is the second episode of the Disney+ series The Quest. It aired on May 11, 2022 alongside the rest of the first season.


The Paladins must blind Tavora's flying spies and reclaim the Dragior's Gem of Strength.


Main Cast

  • Emily Gateley as Mila
  • Braeden De La Garza as Prince Emmett
  • Racquel Jean-Louis as Princess Adaline
  • Elliott Ross as Prince Cederic
  • Kerwin Thompson as King Silas
  • Harry Aspinwall as Dravus
  • Mel Mehrabian as Sorceress Tavora
  • Nandi Chapman as Talmuh
  • Jarod Lindsey as Ramus

Supporting Cast

  • Ava Denai as Paladin Ava
  • Dane DiLiegro as The Dragior