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"The White Knight" is the second segment of the thirty-sixth episode of the Adventures of the Gummi Bears. It premiered on November 19, 1988, and was later paired with "Ogre Baby Boom", becoming the second segment of the seventh episode in the fourth season.


Dunwyn's most famous paladin, Sir Victor (aka the White Knight), pays a visit to King Gregor's court, and Cavin is tasked with being a page to the hero for the remainder of the stay. But the White Knight bears a secret which makes him an easy target for extortion by Duke Igthorn: the two are brothers.



  • "The Great White Knight"


  • Sunni and Tummi Gummi appear, but have no lines.
  • This is the only episode in the series to not immediately begin with a title card, but instead with a series of illustrated book pages shown to a minstrel's song about the White Knight. The title appears as the minstrel finishes his song.
  • This episode reveals Duke Igthorn's first name to be Sigmund.
  • Toadie's pronunciation of the word 'knight' ('kinnigit') is a reference to the French soldier who taunts King Arthur and his knights in the film Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
  • This is the eighteenth episode to premiere separately from its sibling segment, which had aired the previous week. Both segments were later combined, as originally intended, for all subsequent airings.


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Cavin: Can you tell me about the time you creamed the Parsnip of Palidor? Please?

Sir Victor: Patience, Cavin! First I must sally forth to slay a dragon or rescue a fair maiden! If I don't right at least three wrongs...I'm grouchy all day.

Sir Victor: Surrender, fiend! I have the strength of ten! For my heart is pure, my cause is just and good shall ever trium-

Igthorn: Oh, PUT A CORK IN IT!

Igthorn: You never were a match for me Vic! You and your perfect teeth! And your blonde hair! And your stupid voice!

King Gregor: Welcome to Dunwyn, Sir Victor! Allow me to present my daughter, Calla.

Sir Victor: Ah, her beauty is a beacon which doth outshine the very stars. [smiles as his eyes twinkle]

[Sir Victor takes Calla's hand and lightly kisses it, causing her to swoon and faint]

King Gregor: [Rushing over to attend to Calla] My word, does this happen often?

Sir Victor: [Lamenting] Constantly...

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