"The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper" is a 1976 telefilm produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was originally broadcast on NBC as a two-part episode on The Wonderful World of Disney on January 11, and January 18, 1976. The telefilm was directed by Tom Leetch.


Daffy Fernald loses her brother's toy rocket when it flies into a storm drain. She knows Alvin will be upset if he finds out, so she climbs into the dark tunnel to search for it. She spots a stranger, Ernie Nelson, and sees that he's carying a gun. She races home and tells Alvin, but the would-be inventor refuses to believe her.


  • Eric Shea ... Alvin Fernald
  • Clay O'Brien ... Shoie
  • Kim Richards ... Daphne 'Daffy' Fernald
  • Richard Bakalyan ... Ernie Nelson
  • John Colicos ... Moroni
  • Milton Frome ... Carnival Barker
  • Ted Gehring ... Officer Jim Moody
  • Jack Kruschen ... Abner Debney
  • John Lupton ... Mr. Fernald
  • Ed McCready ... Carnival Barker
  • Eileen McDonough ... Stephie
  • Ronnie Schell ... Deputy Scruff
  • Hal Smith ... Carnival Barker
  • Jaclyn Smith ... Cathy Martin


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