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The Whole Package is the first segment of the second episode from Disney and Xilam's Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life series.


A delivery locker drives Chip mad.


Chip and Dale once again find themselves with a problem when they discover a walnut that they cannot bite through. They are suddenly approached by their neighbor Clarice who has the solution, a giant nutcracker. She cracks the nut for them and devour its contents before asking where she got it. She reluctantly shows them to a hole in a brick wall that is actually the interior of a mailbox. Chip and Dale sit and wait as a package is delivered. Upon opening the package, they find a comb. Chip is dissatisfied, but Dale takes to the new object.

Shortly afterwards, Chip sits and waits for new packages to arrive; each one being something different than the last and each one he throws aside. Dale keeps taking them and enjoying them. Eventually, Chip becomes megalomaniacal from his constant waiting until finally, the next package is that of a gold nutcracker. Dale however, takes it as Chip ignored all the others and a chase across the park ensues ending with them crashing into a smartphone (one of the items that was brought to them).

Chip and Dale have a laugh over the whole ordeal and attempt to use the gold nutcracker, only for it to break before use. The chipmunks cry over it, but Clarice, taking sympathy, decides to give them her nutcracker. However, Chip and Dale simply bash the product on the walnut, much to Clarice's annoyance.



  • The episode was written by Hubert & Takako creator and director Hugo Gittard, who have been a Xilam veteran for years. He’s also the story editor on the series.
  • First appearance of Clarice's new redesign. Rather than a pretty showgirl type, Clarice is reimagined with a slight punk look to her.



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