The Winged Scourge is the first of a series of health-related educational shorts produced by the Disney studios and the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs for showing in Latin America. It was also the only one to use established Disney characters (the Seven Dwarves).


In this propaganda short, the viewers are taught about how the mosquito can spread malaria. A young mosquito flies into a house and consumes the blood of an infected human. She then consumes the blood of a healthy human, transmitting the disease into him. It turns out that this is actually a film within a film and the Seven Dwarfs are watching it. The Dwarfs volunteer to get rid of the mosquito by destroying her breeding grounds.

Voice Characterizations

  • Robert C. Bruce - Narrator


  • A scene from this cartoon where one of the mosquito larvae hatches was used in a 1991 episode of the PBS series Shining Time Station during a story about a kid who got sick though here the larvae is portrayed as a germ.


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