The Wolf is the tertiary antagonist of the film, Into the Woods. He is based on the main antagonist of "The Little Red Riding Hood".

Into the Woods

He first appears when Little Red Riding Hood was going to her grandmother's. The Wolf then starts singing Hello, Little Girl while trying to get her basket (but is unable to do so).

The Wolf later appears in Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's cottage in disguise as Red Riding Hood's grandmother.

After she gets eaten, the Baker comes by and uses a knife to kill the Wolf in order to save Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, and then skins the Wolf. After giving the Baker her red coat, she then used the Wolf's skin as a new coat.


  • According to Johnny Depp, the Wolf's costume in the film was a personal request, inspired by the wolf in MGM's "Red Hot Riding Hood" cartoons.
  • In many stagings of the production the wolf is usually cast doubled with Cinderella's Prince due to their similar ravenous personalities.


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