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"Thelma and Luis" is the forty-third episode of The Proud Family.


After flooding Felix's house, Papi is sent to a retirement home called Happy Endings. However, it's secretly an okra farm, where the residents are forced to work on the fields all day. When Penny and friends discover this, having come in before visiting hours, they attempt to reveal this to their parents, only for the farm to adequately camouflage itself during visiting hours. Only Suga Mama believes them, noticing the difference in feet size between Papi and his impostor. The next night, Sticky, Zoey, LaCieniga, Penny, Dijonay and Suga Mama go and rescue Papi. They succeed, but Suga Mama tells the kids that she has to take Papi on the lam, as he is now a wanted man. But while the two are taking a trip to Las Vegas, the farm's manager, Helga, discovers the breakout and rides out on a motorcycle, intent on retrieving Papi.

Sometime later, Boulevardezs knock on the Prouds' door, revealing that they went back to Happy Endings before visiting hours and discovered the okra plantation but no Papi. Penny's nervous reaction leads her and LaCieniga to confess about their breakout. Realizing that Suga Mama and Papi are in danger, Sunset declares that she will put out an APB. Oscar suggests someone better - his friend Igloo, "World's Greatest Detective" - though Trudy reminds him that Igloo is a mall cop.

Igloo is on the phone with Oscar, saying that he has a lead. However, he doesn't have enough money to pay his informant, who runs off with his money, forcing Igloo to hang up and chase him.

Meanwhile, in Vegas, Papi is eating a delectable feast, having not eaten in days. Suddenly, Helga enters the restaurant, forcing the pair to flee, but the villain gives pursuit. They pass by Igloo's car and a police car, who promptly give chase. The Prouds and Boulevardezs catch up in Felix's car. Pulling up alongside Suga Mama's car, Oscar demands her to pull over as the road ends at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Suga Mama stops just before the edge, warning Helga not to come any closer or she'll take her star okra picker (Papi) right over the it. Thankfully, LaCieniga grabs a megaphone and announces to Suga Mama and Papi that they don't need to run anymore, as the truth about Happy Endings was exposed. As she says this, Helga is arrested. As Suga Mama rejoices and hugs Papi, she accidentally shifts the car gear from Park to Drive, causing them to plunge down into the canyon. In a panic, they share one last kiss, only for the car to release a parachute with the likeness of Bobby painted on it, slowing their fall and allowing them to land safely. Papi then begins to despair as the parachute falls over his and Suga Mama as their kiss continues.

The police then shut down Happy Endings and its indentured residents are released back to their families. Sunset assures everyone that Helga is going away for a long time and tells Papi that he'll always be welcomed in their home.


  • This episode is a nod to the 1991 comedy Thelma and Louise.

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