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Theme Song Takeover

Theme Song Takeover is a comedy short series featured on the Disney Channel.

The series consists of theme songs to various Disney Channel shows, redone by a supporting character of that series. The lyrics are usually rewritten, some are added, or in one case, the instrumental theme was rearranged. The series started airing on April 19, 2019. There is no usual release time for them as the longest it took between episodes was six months. Each episode is rendered in the original style of that series (except the fourth Big City Greens short and onward, which uses Flash animation) with the main voice cast reprising their roles.

Episode list[]

Video Title Series Spotlighted character Release date
Dr. Doofenshmirtz Theme Song Takeover Milo Murphy's Law Heinz Doofenshmirtz April 19, 2019
Step aside Milo! It's Dr. Doofenshmirtz's turn to shine...or maybe experience some of Milo's bad luck in this epic Theme Song Takeover! There might even be a special surprise from Perry the Platypus...
Launchpad Theme Song Takeover DuckTales Launchpad McQuack June 27, 2019
Launchpad grabs the controls and crashes the DuckTales theme song! He may have forgotten most of the words, but he is determined to land this song!
Glomgold Theme Song Takeover DuckTales Flintheart Glomgold July 19, 2019
Glomgold hopes to steal the DuckTales theme song and rebrand it to GlomTales!
Gramma Theme Song Takeover Big City Greens Gramma Alice September 20, 2019
Sick of ungrateful imps, Gramma takes over the Big City Greens theme song to share how tough her childhood was!
Shorty Theme Song Takeover Tangled: The Series Shorty March 20, 2020
When Shorty finds Rapunzel's diary, he takes matters into his own hands and takes over the theme song!
8-bit Theme Song Takeover Amphibia Anne Boonchuy's phone August 16, 2020
Anne and Sprig play a video game that transforms the Amphibia theme song into an 8-bit video game version!
Sasha Theme Song Takeover Amphibia Sasha Waybright January 10, 2021
It's Theme Song time! But not so fast, Sasha is ready to takeover Amphibia and the main title from Anne.
Marcy Theme Song Takeover Amphibia Marcy Wu September 30, 2021 (online)
October 2, 2021 (Television)[1]
It's Theme Song time! But not so fast, Marcy is ready to takeover Amphibia and tell her story of her adventures!
Bill Theme Song Takeover Big City Greens Bill Green February 27, 2022
Get ready for a Green's Takeover! Bill is taking over the Big City Greens theme song!
Andrea Theme Song Takeover The Ghost and Molly McGee Andrea Davenport June 12, 2022
It's Theme Song Takeover time, and The Ghost and Molly McGee is now THE ANDREA SHOW ✨. The most fab Andrea Show!
Meg & Milo Roast the Greens! Big City Greens Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly August 11, 2022
ZOMBIES stars Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly tease the Green family from Big City Greens with a good-natured roast to the tune of the Greens' own theme song!
Kevin Theme Song Takeover Hamster & Gretel Kevin Grant-Gomez September 17, 2022
It's a Hamster & Gretel Theme Song Takeover! When the aliens return in their UFO, an excited Kevin thinks he's finally getting superhero powers like Gretel and Hamster. But it turns out all he's getting from the aliens is a Theme Song Takeover!
Baby Big City Greens Big City Greens Unnamed Female Narrator April 1, 2023
Check out your first look at Baby City Greens, the new pre-school spin-off of the hit Disney Television Animation series Big City Greens! What trouble can baby Cricket get into in the big city? Find out by tuning into Baby City Greens! Coming soon!


Libby Theme Song Takeover The Ghost and Molly McGee Libby Stein-Torres May 3, 2023
The fans demanded it, and it's finally time for Libby's "Theme Song Takeover." But can Molly get Libby on board?
Vasquez Theme Song Takeover Big City Greens Vasquez May 27, 2023
When Remy requests that Vasquez (Danny Trejo) take over the "Big City Greens" theme, everyone's favorite bodyguard uses the power of hard rock to sing about what his very untypical day is like.
Darryl Theme Song Takeover The Ghost and Molly McGee Darryl McGee June 24, 2023
Molly's trouble-making brother Darryl asks if he can borrow her theme song to pitch some of his unique "business opportunities" (aka total scams!)
Beta Theme Song Takeover Hailey's On It! Beta August 19, 2023
As the world's most advanced supercomputer, it's Beta's duty to take over Hailey's theme song in this Theme Song Takeover!
LaCienega's Theme Song Takeover The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder LaCienega Boulevardez September 16, 2023
When Penny from The Proud Family finds herself "all tied up" LaCienega graciously volunteers to take over the "Proud Family" theme song to show the world what a star she is.
Barry, Helen, Candle & MORE Takeover Kiff's Theme Song 🎶 Kiff Barry Buns, Candle Fox, Principal Secretary, Helen December 23, 2023
Barry, Helen, Candle, and Principal Secretary from Kiff all demand that Kiff shares her theme song! Soon they all take turns giving the Kiff theme their own unique spin!
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur's Devil Takes Over! Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Devil Dinosaur January 29, 2024
When Moon Girl from Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur finds herself overbooked, she puts her theme song in Devil Dinosaur's safe tiny hands for a roaring good time!
Scott's Theme Song Takeover Hailey's On It! Scott Denoga February 10, 2024
When Scott from Hailey's On It! is given a chance to sing his version of the "Hailey's On It" theme, he uses the chance to share the things he wants to do on his… let's just say… very UNIQUE list!
Kiff Parodies Disney Channel Theme Songs Various Kiff Chatterley April 1, 2024
When Kiff gets covered in Helen's magic "Theme Song Takeover" potion, she finds herself transported across Disney Channel's theme songs from Phineas & Ferb, Big City Greens, Kim Possible, Amphibia, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Hamster & Gretel, Gravity Falls, DuckTales, and The Owl House!
Hailey's Day Off Hailey's On It! Hailey Banks May 11, 2024
When Beta from Hailey's On It! tells Hailey she finally gets to take a day off from doing her list, a thrilled Hailey is excited to sing about everything she wants to do on her break.
Remy Theme Song Takeover Big City Greens Remy June 15, 2024
When Remy finally gets a chance to sing his own version of the “Big City Greens” theme song, everyone’s favorite loveable dork shines and gives it a fresh new rap spin.

Note: these dates ARE subject to change.
Upcoming theme song takeovers are:

  • Lot Lot for Primos, premiering in 2024.
  • Doof for Phineas and Ferb, premiering in 2024.
  • T Sister for Primos, premiering in 2024.




  • So far, DuckTales, Amphibia, Big City Greens, The Ghost and Molly McGee, Hailey's On It!, and Kiff are the only series to have more than one theme song takeover, with Big City Greens currently having the most theme song takeovers at 6.
    • It should be noted that, since the Big City Greens theme song doesn't have any lyrics, it's the easiest to parody.
  • "Glomgold Theme Song Takeover" would later be reused for the episode "GlomTales!"
  • "Shorty Theme Song Takeover" was ironically released shortly after the series finale for Tangled: The Series had already aired.
  • So far, "8-bit Theme Song Takeover" is the only short that does not feature alternate lyrics, but instead features a revamped cover of the theme.
  • An animatic for "Marcy Theme Song Takeover" was posted during a Q&A Season 3 event with series creator Matt Braly.
  • So far, "Kevin Theme Song Takeover" is the only Theme Song Takeover short that isn't being sung by the character taking over the theme song, but rather kept the singer of the original theme (which in this case would be series creator Dan Povenmire).
  • So far, "Baby City Greens" and "Vasquez Theme Song Takeover" are the only Big City Greens theme song takeovers that do not use the series' original animation style. Instead, they use the Flash animation from the Random Rings and Broken Karaoke shorts.
  • To date, The Owl House is the only "modern" (as in, following the time the Theme Song Takeover series launched) show without a theme song takeover. This is reportedly due to Dana Terrace not giving permission due to her disinterest in musicals. However, she did give permission for Chibi Tiny Tales, though The Owl House was featured in "Kiff Parodies Disney Channel Theme Songs".
  • Over a decade prior to this series, the Dave the Barbarian episode "A Pig's Story" featured The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy singing his own version of the show's theme song.
    • Similarly the Recess episode "Lawson and his Crew" had its own version of the theme song featuring Lawson's gang replacing T.J.'s gang.
  • In "Kiff Parodies Disney Channel Theme Songs" among the shows parodied include Phineas and Ferb, Big City Greens, Kim Possible, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Hamster and Gretel, Gravity Falls, DuckTales, and The Owl House. Near the ending, The Ghost and Molly McGee, Wander Over Yonder, Gargoyles, American Dragon: Jake Long, Darkwing Duck, Hannah Montana, Zombies, Descendants, and Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil are referenced. Barry also parodies the intro for Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers at the end.
    • Despite having their own theme song takeovers, "Kiff Parodies Disney Channel Theme Songs" did not parody Milo Murphy's Law, Tangled: The Series, Hailey's On It!, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.
  • Hailey became the first lead character to take over their own theme song.


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Season Three: "Rapunzel's Return" • "Return of the King" • "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?" • "The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne" • "No Time Like the Past" • "Beginnings" • "The King and Queen of Hearts" • "Day of the Animals" • "Be Very Afraid" • "Pascal's Dragon" • "Islands Apart" • "Cassandra's Revenge" • "Race to the Spire" • "A Tale of Two Sisters" • "Flynnpostor" • "Once a Handmaiden..." • "Plus Est En Vous"

Rapunzel's TowerThe Snuggly DucklingCoronaCorona CastleOld CoronaThe Dark KingdomVardarosThe SpireTerapi IslandThe Great TreeThe House of Yesterday's TomorrowCassandra's StrongholdGothel's Cottage
Film: When Will My Life BeginMother Knows BestI've Got a DreamI See the LightHealing IncantationSomething That I Want

Musical: Flower of GoldWanted ManWhen She Returns
TV Series: Life After Happily Ever AfterWind in My HairMore of MeFriendship SongListen UpI've Got ThisLet Me Make You ProudSet Yourself FreeReady As I'll Ever BeNext Stop, AnywhereIf I Could Take That Moment BackView From Up HereHook Foot's BalladBuddyWaiting in the WingsLivin' the DreamWith You by My SideEverything I Ever Thought I KnewCrossing the LineStronger Than Ever BeforeBigger Than ThatThe Girl Who Has EverythingNothing Left to LoseThrough It AllI'd Give Anything
Deleted: What More Could I Ever Need

Rapunzel's Frying PanSundrop FlowerRapunzel's Magic HairRapunzel's CrownLanternsRapunzel's JournalBlack RocksDemanitus DeviceAttitude-Reversing PotionAutomatonRapunzel's CaravanIdol of VershaftsbezeigungengienThe Graphtic ScrollMoonstone Opal
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AmphibiaChibi Tiny TalesDisney All-Star RacersMarcy's Journal: A Guide to AmphibiaThe Art of Amphibia
Anne BoonchuySprig PlantarPolly PlantarHop Pop PlantarBessieOne-Eyed WallyLeopold LoggleIvy SundewFelicia SundewSylvia SundewMaddie FlourRosemary, Lavender, and GingerMr. FlourSadie CroakerStumpyAlbus DuckweedTritonio EspadaApothecary GaryMayor ToadstoolToadieSasha WaybrightMarcy WuZappapedeBarryCaptain GrimePercyBraddockGiant HeronsFroboLysil and AngwinGeneral YunanBog, Fens, and MireLady OliviaKing AndriasJacindaWigbert RibbitonPriscilla PaddockPearl PaddockCaptain BeatrixMr. BoonchuyMrs. BoonchuyThe CoreDominoDomino IICloak-BotTerriDr. JanAlly and JessMolly JoHumphrey WestwoodMr. XDr. FrakesLeifBarrelKing AldrichMother Olm
Season One: "Anne or Beast?/Best Fronds" • "Cane Crazy/Flood, Sweat & Tears" • "Hop Luck/Stakeout" • "The Domino Effect/Taking Charge" • "Anne Theft Auto/Breakout Star" • "Sprig Vs. Hop Pop/Girl Time" • "Dating Season/Anne Vs. Wild" • "Contagi-Anne/Family Shrub" • "Lily Pad Thai/Plantar's Last Stand" • "Toad Tax/Prison Break" • "Grubhog Day/Hop Pop and Lock" • "Civil Wart/Hop-Popular" • "Croak & Punishment/Trip to the Archives" • "Snow Day/Cracking Mrs. Croaker" • "A Night at the Inn/Wally and Anne" • "Family Fishing Trip/Bizarre Bazaar" • "Cursed!/Fiddle Me This" • "The Big Bugball Game/Combat Camp" • "Children of the Spore/Anne of the Year" • "Reunion"

Season Two: "Handy Anne/Fort in the Road" • "The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar/Anne Hunter" • "Truck Stop Polly/A Caravan Named Desire" • "Quarreler's Pass/Toadcatcher" • "Swamp and Sensibility/Wax Museum" • "Marcy at the Gates" • "Scavenger Hunt/The Plantars Check In" • "Lost in Newtopia/Sprig Gets Schooled" • "Little Frogtown/Hopping Mall" • "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers/A Day at the Aquarium" • "The Shut-In!" • "Night Drivers/Return to Wartwood" • "Ivy on the Run/After the Rain" • "The First Temple" • "New Wartwood/Friend or Frobo?" • "Toad to Redemption/Maddie & Marcy" • "The Second Temple/Barrel's Warhammer" • "Bessie & MicroAngelo/The Third Temple" • "The Dinner/Battle of the Bands" • "True Colors"
Season Three: "The New Normal" • "Hop 'Til You Drop/Turning Point" • "Thai Feud/Adventures in Catsitting" • "Fight at the Museum/Temple Frogs" • "Fixing Frobo/Anne-sterminator" • "Mr. X/Sprig's Birthday" • "Spider-Sprig/Olivia & Yunan" • "Hollywood Hop Pop/If You Give a Frog a Cookie" • "Froggy Little Christmas" • "Escape to Amphibia" • "Commander Anne/Sprivy" • "Sasha's Angels/Olm Town Road" • "Mother of Olms/Grime's Pupil" • "The Root of Evil/The Core & The King" • "Newts in Tights/Fight or Flight" • "The Three Armies/The Beginning of the End" • "All In" • "The Hardest Thing"

AmphibiaWartwood SwampToad Tower Newtopia (Newtopia Castle) • Los Angeles
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Welcome to AmphibiaNo Big DealCalamity BoxSuspicious IslandFwagon

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The Ghost and Molly McGee
The Ghost and Molly McGeeDisney All-Star RacersChibi Tiny TalesRandom Rings
Molly McGeeScratchDarryl McGeePete McGeeSharon McGeeGrandma NinLibby Stein-TorresGeoffAndrea DavenportOllie ChenJune ChenRuben ChenEsther ChenSheelaKatLeah Stein-TorresMaxwell DavenportDorothea DavenportPattyBobby DanielsMs. LightfootMrs. RoopPrincipal O'ConnorMayor BrunsonWeird LarryAtomic PinkHidalgo, Gertrude, and OctaviusEmmie SuksaiDavid SuksaiAdia WilliamsThe Ghost CouncilJinxThe ChairmanHowlin' HarrietAbraham LincolnSonia DavisEzekiel TugbottomSally TugbottomLord DoomJeffBlair
Season One: "The Curse/First Day Frights" • "Howlin' Harriet/The (Un)natural" • "Getting the Band(shell) Back Together/The Greatest Concert Ever" • "Mama's Gotta Hustle/Hooray for Mollywood!" • "Not So Honest Abe/The Best of Nin-tensions" • "Mazel Tov, Libby!/No Good Deed" • "The Turnip Twist/All Systems No" • "Monumental Disaster/Talent Show" • "Scratch the Surface/Friend-Off" • "Festival of Lights/Saving Christmas" • "Ice Princess/Ready, Set, Snow!" • "Game Night/The Don't-Gooder" • "Innocent Until Proven Ghostly/Twin Trouble" • "Goat Your Own Way/A Very Hungry Ghost" • "Scare Tactics/The Bad Boy Bobby Daniels" • "Citizen McGee/The Internship" • "The Lucky Penny/Lock, Stock, and Peril" • "Out of House and Home/Home is Where the Haunt Is" • "Scaring is Caring/All Night Plight" • "The Jig is Up/Molly vs. The Ghost World"

Season Two: "The New (Para)Normal" • "Book Marks the Sprite/Double, Double, Darryl & Trouble" • "Faint of Art/A Soda to Remember" • "A Period Piece/It's Always Sunny in Sunnyland" • "I Wanna Dance with Some-Ollie/Davenport's on Demand" • "A Doll to Die For/The (After)life of the Party" • "Frightmares on Main Street" • "The Unhaunting of Brighton Video/100% Molly McGee" • "All Shark No Bite/Nin-dependence" • "Like Father Like Libby/Dance Dad Revolution" • "Jinx!/Let's Play Turnipball!" • "The Ghost IS Molly McGee/All in the Mind" • "Carbon Zero Heroes/Davenport's in Demise" • "Web of Lies/Kenny's Falling Star" • "Welcome to NecroComic-Con/Fit to Print" • "Smile Valley Farm/The Grand Gesture" • "The Many Lives of Scratch/Alaka-Sham!" • "F.O.N.A.A.!/Game On" • "White Christmess/Perfect Day" • "Jinx vs. The Human World" • "The End"

Theme Song

Season One: Together ForeverJust GiveOrdinary GuyWhen You Least Expect ItGiggin' for a Livin'Movie MagicAbraham LincolnMake You Make UpMy Best Friend's Bat MitzvahAwesome Best Friends DayThe Ballad of Ezekiel TugbottomObstructionI Have a VoiceIt's a Lose-LoseOne Best Friend/Two Best FriendsDeep Fried FoodChristmas at BrightonSecond ChanceSnow DayWin Is On My MindYou're Hardly WorkingSilly McGeeG-O-A-TFrustrationPlaying HookyThe Bad Boy of BrightonGo Back to City HallEnhappifyGood Luck, Bad LuckNo More DistractionsEveryone Pitches InEverything is NormalPrepare to Be ScaredPerfect MemoryKilljoyHappy
Season Two: Enjoy Your AfterlifeI Keep Ending Up With YouThis House is HauntedIdentity CrisisLive a Little
Other: Scary Holiday SongOn My OwnI Just Wanna Eat Bread

McGee ResidenceBrighton

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Disney Hamster and Gretel logo
Hamster & Gretel (soundtrack) • Chibi Tiny TalesChibiverse
Gretel Grant-GomezKevin Grant-GomezHamsterFred GrantCarolina Grant-GomezDave Grant-GomezBailey CarterHiromi TanakaVeronica HillAnthonyChurroNayaNordle

Villains: Professor ExclamationLauren and Lyle/The Destructress and FistPuncherEl LuchadorRodney ThunderpantsAnimus MachinaVan DykeCoach HaggertyLa CebollaCopy CatNed Slater/NeighslayerDr. EelgoodKathy/The Dog NapperBouncy CastleX-TerminatorCyborg RatsPi-RatThe AmplifierThe NightmarionetteBob Enfantiberg/Big BabySloppy Joe MonsterE.V.I.L. S.C.H.E.M.E. RobotsThe EarwormRecord ScratchThe ImposterToborErnieBelleArthouseTchotchke JonesJoe/MicromanagerHelen/Rat BurglarCrimson HasteBob Cashwell/UnknownzyPendulum PeteInga the Ice QueenLa SombreronaItsy BitsyLibrarianMary MitosisThe Flake
Former villains: TinaGerbilEastside Bantam/Christine DePouletCharlie/Father GooseSimonJulie Jennings/Dr. MedusaSaurusBayou Barb
Cameos: Sally • Farmer and Farmer's WifeBrigette MurphyBalloonyHeinz DoofenshmirtzCandace FlynnStacy HiranoLove Händel

Season One: Empower Failure/Oakey Dokey" • "Recipe for Disaster/Math Punch" • "Superhero Sibling Rivalry/Close Shave" • "Cheer Cheer Bang Bang/La Ballad of La Cebolla" • "Comic Shop Copycat/Neigh, It Ain't So!" • "Saturday Homecoming Fever/Dr. Eelgood" • "The Opposite of Smart/Birthday Besties" • "I'm Bored/Cutie and the Beast" • "The Nightmarionette/Abuelita's World" • "U.F. UH-OH!" • "Grounded/Sleepover with the Enemy" • "Friday Night Fright/The Earworm" • "A Mammoth Problem/The Bantam of the Elementary School Light Opera" • "Hamnesia/Romancing the Scone" • "For Whom the Belle Trolls/An Arthouse Divided" • "The Litigator vs. The Luchador/Strawberry Fest Forever" • "The Bottle Episode/Micromanager" • "When Life Gives You Lemons/Self-HEELP!" • "My Invisible Friend/The Bitter Sitter" • "Let's Sea What You've Got"/"Churro's Day Out" • "Crimson Haste Makes Waste"/"The Break-Stuff Club" • "Over the Hill"/"The Ice Queen Cometh" • "La Sombrerona"/"Two Girls, A Guy, and the Council of Düm" • "Nano a Nano"/"The Unnatural History of Dr. MedusaSaurus Ph.D." • "No Sprain, No Gain"/"Finding Professor Ex" • "Bayou Barb"/"The Great Pillow War" • "Shush Hour"/"I Was a Teenage Mad Scientist" • "Too Many Crooks"/"President Fred" • "Flake It Til You Make It"/"Game Changer" • "Exclamation Strikes Back"
Theme songAlmost Almost ThereOverload the GridRopa ViejaRace Against TimeHow Much Can You Lift?Fighting Facial HairWe Take What We WantYuko Cheerleading Warrior Attack SevenDon't Steal From the BanksLa CebollaPinky PromiseNeighslayer Rap BattleDance BattleGonna Clean Up the BeachI Want Your AttentionMy Best Friend Bailey's BirthdayStompsGet Ready for a RumbleEngland But with DragonsToo Cute to ClobberImmersion TherapyAbuelita's RulesTiny White TuxLeave It at ThatShe's an Only ChildThe Power to AnnoyI Got BeefThird WheelJust Another Friday NightTaco CrunchiesIt's a Big Big WorldEarworm JingleFrank's Discounted Discount CostumesA Hamster and His BoyTearing You DownHow You Feel About MeProfessional League of Wrestling JingleDaveStrawberry FestivalAlso He's a GenieI Think We'll Break For LunchWe're Working OutThe Lemon's Getting BiggerPositivity Equals PositivenessFather Goose JinglesDon't Do ItYou Can't See MePeople PopsI'm the BombLet's See What You've GotFix That FaucetOut On The Town TogetherMustanchupI'm in a HurryI Can Be BadVan DykeFighting Facial Hair AgainIce QueenHora LocaThe Council of DümTo the BathroomSimon SaysBone to PickKevin's Got a PlanCreepy Doll FactoryThe Ballad of Bayou BarbTrouble in the BayouThe Great Pillow WarGive Me Your VoiceJuggling JackMary, MaryIf You Wanna Be PresidentBig JenWe're Staking OutBoglyvanian ForceKey To The CityThimblesGotta Get Away
Tri-State AreaGrant-Gomez HouseEastside Elementary SchoolEastside High School

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Hailey's On It! (soundtrack)
Hailey BanksScott DenogaBetaThe ProfessorKristine SanchezA.C. AychvakBecker DenogaKai BanksPatricia BanksDwayne and Johnson BanksFrank the FlamingoSunny DenogaEddie DenogaLucy MorganBored MurrayGenesisKennedyBill BoardSanjay Singh
Season One: "The Beginning of the Friend" • "Beta'd and Hooked/The Wild, Wild Mess" • "The Last Sand/The Show Must Go Wrong" • "Cubix Dudes/Cos-played" • "Road Trippin'/Escape Doom" • "The Flamingo Must Flamin-Go/Splatter of the Bands" • "Bringing Home the Beacon/Dance Like No Mom is Watching" • "Kristine-ceañera/The Puffle Kerfuffle" • "Flippin' Out/Smells Like Queen Spirit" • "Catching Felines/It's All Gonna Be OK-Pop" • "U.F. Whoa!" • "Seas the Day/Kissed Opportunities" • "Sight for Dinosaur Eyes/Along for the Slide" • "Leather Jacket Hailey/In a Pinch" • "The Fart of War/Who Let the Dogs Out? (Hailey)" • "Beta's Gonna Hate/The A-maize-ing Maze" • "I Know What You Did Last Slumber/Lady and the Trampoline" • "Scott's on a Roll/Bye Bye Birdies" • "Frankly Fabulous/The Pin is Mightier Than the Swole" • "We Wish You A Merry Chaos-mas" • "Mer-made in Oceanside/Full House (of Bugs)" • "The Umpire Strikes Back/Magician: Impossible" • "Bad Bear Day/2001: A Spouse Odyssey" • "The Saw-shank Redemption/No More Mr. Rice Guy" • "When Squeeples Attack/Cool Intentions" • "Out of Body Slam Experience/Get Whale Soon" • "How Kristine Goat Her Groove Back/Oceanside's 11" • "Student of the Weak/Smother Knows Best" • "The Biggest Luger/An Imposter Is Born" • "I Wanna Dance With My Buddy"
"The Future's in My Hands" • "Kiss Your Friend" • "Born for This"

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The Proud Family Logo
The Proud Family (Soundtrack) • The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder (Soundtrack) • The Proud Family MovieChibi Tiny Tales
The Proud Family: Penny ProudOscar ProudTrudy ProudBeBe & CeCe ProudSuga Mama ProudPuff the DogBoonetta ProudRay Ray Proud, Sr.Ray Ray Proud, Jr.Bobby ProudS'mo ProudSista SpiceDr. Vincent ParkerMaureen ParkerReuben ParkerLeslie ParkerDiana ParkerChanel ParkerCocoDijonay JonesZoey HowzerLaCienega BoulevardezSticky WebbMichael CollinsThe Gross SistersDoctor PaynePeaboFelix BoulevardezSunset BoulevardezPapi BoulevardezWizard KellyLittle WizJohnny LovelyDebra WilliamsFifteen CentJohnny McBrideMegaDr. CarverDr. Carver's cloneChang TripletsGinger S. KellyTabascoMyron LewinskiOmar PhillipsThe AltosKwok WongMr. GrossDuke AnoiGarrett KrebsTimothy SmytheCrandall SmytheCarlosMiss HightowerClarence Saint-JohnAjayTristanChef O'BoyMongo

Louder and Prouder Characters: Maya Leibowitz-JenkinsKG Leibowitz-JenkinsBarry Leibowitz-JenkinsRandall Leibowitz-JenkinsKareem Abdul-Jabbar BrownNoah Barker
Guests: Al RokerMariah CareyRob Riggle

The Proud Family

Season One: "Bring It On" • "Strike" • "Rumors" • "Tiger Whisperer" • "EZ Jackster" • "Spelling Bee" • "She's Got Game" • "Forbidden Date" • "Teacher's Pet" • "Seven Days of Kwanzaa" • "Makeover" • "The Party" • "Love Thy Neighbor" • "I Had a Dream" • "I Love You Penny Proud" • "Puff's Magic Adventure" • "Enter the Bullies" • "The Altos" • "Hip-Hop Helicopter" • "Romeo Must Wed"
Season Two: "A Star is Scorned" • "A Hero for Halloween" • "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thingy Baby" • "Poetic Justice" • "Behind Family Lines" • "Hooray for Iesha" • "Camping Trip" • "Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny" • "Pulp Boot Camp" • "Tween Town" • "One in a Million" • "Hmmm… Tastes Like" • "There's Something About Rene" • "Adventures in Bebe Sitting" • "Surf and Turf" • "The Legend of Johnny Lovely" • "The Camp, the Counselor, the Mole, and the Rock" • "It Takes a Thief" • "Wedding Bell Blues" • "Penny Potter"
Season Three: "Monkey Business" • "Thelma and Luis" • "Culture Shock" • "Election" • "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" • "Smack Mania 6: Mongo Vs. Mama's Boy" • "Suga Mama's Believers" • "Twins to Tweens" • "She Drives Me Crazy" • "Who You Callin' a Sissy" • "Psycho Duck"

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder
Season One: "New Kids on the Block" • "Bad Influence(r)" • "It All Started with an Orange Basketball" • "Father Figures" • "Snackland" • "Get In" • "When You Wish Upon a Roker" • "Home School" • "Raging Bully" • "Old Towne Road Part 1"
Season Two: "Old Towne Road Part 2" • "Grandma's Hands" • "Curved" • "A Perfect 10" • "Puff Daddy" • "The End of Innocence" • "The Soul Vibrations" • "Us Again" • "BeBe" • "Juneteenth"

"The Proud Family Theme Song" • "Stop Spreadin' Those Rumors Around" • "We Will Rock You" • "She's The Wizard Kelly Teen Queen" • "Sticky's Rock and Roll Song" • "Romeo and Juliet Rap"

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Kiff logo
Season One: "Thirst to Be the First/The Fourth Bath" • "Pool Party/Road Trip" • "Brunch DJ/Career Day" • "The Five Pigeons of the Acapellapocalypse/Leave a Little Juice" • "Big Barry on Campus/Club Book" • "Kiff's Mix/Kiff's on a Plane" • "Farley/Two for One Hot Dogs" • "Halfway There Day/Be Still My Harp" • "Friendiversary/Totally Table Town" • "Hat/Lost and Found" • "Principal Dance Socks" • "Two Truths and a Bunny/Nicknames" • "The Sound of Helen/Weekly Grocery Shop" • "Friendship In The Time Of Cheese Caves/Soup Opera" • "Mall Leader/Ghost Wolf's Art" • "Fresh Outta Grandmas"/"Maybe-sitting" • "Everyday I'm Riddlin' Riddlin'"/"Life on the Inside" • "Weird Delivery"/"No Dad Ideas" • "Faculty Lounge"/"Personal Assistant" • "Trevor's Rockin' Halloween Bash" • "I Like To Move It!"/"Hive Got An Idea" • "You Can't Handle The Tooth"/"Blooper Quest" • "When You Mow, You Mow"/"Harry's Maturity Crisis" • "Silly Moods"/"Chatterley Vs. Chatterley" • "Hungee Squirrel"/"Foreverangees" • "Snow More Ketchup"/"Kiff and Barry Go To Prom" • "Kiff Is Good at Sports"/"Mushroommates" • "Principal Helen"/"Dial B for Butt" • "Fun Uncle Pat"/"Kiff Escape!" • "Beach Day"/"Sun's Out, Buns Out"
The Chatterley family: Kiff ChatterleyMartin ChatterleyBeryl Chatterley • Tom Chatterley • Rose Chatterley • Pat Chatterley
The Buns family: Barry Buns • Terri Buns • Harry Buns • Mary Buns • Kristophe Buns
The Fox family: Candle FoxRoy Fox
The Angstrom family: Trevor Angstrom • Mrs. Angstrom
The Wibbon family: Dilton Wibbon • Danny Wibbon
Helen's family: Helen • Agnes
Table Town Middle School students (Miss Deer Teacher's class): Reggie • Billiam • Renée du Bedat • Snekole • Darryn • Gareth • Patty
Table Town Middle School students (Mr. Ri'Peppa's class): Biff • Kim Popularé • Liz K. • Amira
Table Town Middle School students (Others): Lizette • L.E. • Rosso • Mav
Table Town Middle School staff: Miss Deer Teacher • Secretary Prince • Principal Secretary • Sweepy Steve • Miss Tulane • Mr. Ri'Peppa • Ms. Minty
Table Town High School students: Micheala Oats • Vanilla Tigner • Ben Bamboo • Kyle Lyon • Nick Namé
Table Town University staff: Dean Kim • Slent
Table Town goverment: Glarbin Gloobin (Mayor of Table Town) • Ms. Mouffé (Head of the Table Town Library) • Professor Totsy (Head of the Table Town Science Lab) • Dr. Lyon (Head of the Table Town Hospital) • Rockwell
Chubbles Wubbington (one of the series' "shows-within-a-show"): Chubbles Wubbington • Evil Door
Smoldering Cove (one of the series' "shows-within-a-show"): Marlina Deena Turina • Giancarlo Monteforla • Chase • Mindy
Others: The Five Pigeons of the Acapellapocalypse (Nice Guy, Meathead, Bad Boy, Mystery Lad, Party Girl) • The Pone • Flam Bingo • Greg & Linda • Lady Jane Harness • The Left Brothers • Erica Von Ant • Dan Hill • Mr. Penguino • Gram Gram • Ben Finn & Quinn Finn • Iris • Andrew • Bort Grig • Cheryl • Meryl • Deryl • Sergeant Hind • Wayne • Other Barry • Gayle • Sally & Bill • Beverly • Centaur Claus • Timmy Table • Ghost Wolf • Rat • Pawva Mugg • Rob Sadly • Principal Swan • Gerard • Kenny • Jean Claude • Gordon • Diane • Slimmy P. • Dante • Gladys • Miss Rogers • Lady Lorraine • Jill • Trollie • George Meredith Willows • Ms. Foodcake • The Turnino Boys Choir • Scarm Scarmely • Pete • Klon • Little Louis • Rad & Tippy • Cakie • Judge Judegy • Ma Saddle & Pa Saddle • Lance Contract • Roo • Cedric • Dennis • Donnie • Tony
Table Town: Chatterley residence • Buns residence • Fox mansion • Angstrom residence • Reggie's house • Helen's house • Agnes' house • Miss Deer Teacher's house • Secretary Prince's house • The Pone's house • The Five Pigeons of the Acapellapocalypse's mansion • Ghost Wolf's cave • Dante's house • Lady Lorraine's house • Table Town Middle School • Table Town High School • Table Town University • Table Town City Hall • Table Town Mayoral Council • Table Town Library • Table Town Science Lab • Table Town Airport • Table Town Pilot School • Table Town Carnival • Table Town Hospital • Table Town Gift Emporium • Table Town Park • Table Town Aquarium • Table Town Mall • Table Town Stadium • Table Town Auditorium • Table Town Steps • Table Town Museum • Mount Table • Bench Beach • Dooley's Feather Farm • Carlyle's Cars • World's 3rd Largest Tumbleweed • Café Penguino • Okay Will Donation Center • 7/24-7 • Rolltop Woods • Bort Grig's Carpet Emporium • Wish Wash • Dusty Acres Retirement Home • Slim Pickins • Rat's Hats and Mats • Pawva's Java • Rob Sadly's Mattresses • Tuft Pierre • Stork's Sporks • Darryl H Pizza • Cheese Caves • Serious Art Gallery • The Wall of Goat • The Outskorts • Ollie's Olive Emporium • The Cone Zone • Yee-Haw Boot Store • WeNuts • Rentley's Turtlenecks • T&GP's Trampoline Insurancees • Bonut's Donuts • Saddles • Foreverangees National Park • Sporty Mort's Sports Store • Pegasus Field • Partials Department Store • Bannister Beach
Others: The Agyeman Channel • Ottoman Flats • George Meredith Willows' mansion • Cocina Island
Kiff Theme Song • Kiff End Title Theme
Season One: Thirst to Be the First • The Singalong Song • We're Just Kids with a Calling • Thank You for Freeing Us • Flipped the Tables • BooHoo Wah Wah • We're Not Annoying on TV • High School Bunny • We're in High School Now • Carpet your World • She Didn't Get The Joke • Rage • It Don't Get Better Than This • Halfway There • Chains of Chain • Outta This Harp! • Totally Table Town • Bring a Thing • They Really Like Me • He's Still Dancing • Character and Pride • Abras • Nicknames • Do The Weekly Shop • The Ballad of Slimmy P. • Chunky Text • Most Fun I've Ever Had • You Can Do It At The Mall • We Are Goat • Brand New Crew • Wings of a Riddle • Opportunity's Here • Pack The House • Tell Us About Your Day • Bad Assistant • Party On, Scarm! • Sweet Compromise • Things • I Mow • Me Against The Universe • Gavel Groove • Hungee Medley • We're at the Prom • A Lotta Helen! • Never Going Back • Room to Rent • Right Here With You

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur logo
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (soundtrack one/two) • Chibi Tiny TalesMoon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Wreck and Roll!
Disney Parks
Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure
Main: Lunella Lafayette/Moon GirlDevil DinosaurCasey CalderonAdria LafayetteJames Lafayette Jr.Mimi LafayetteJames "Pops" Lafayette Sr.

Supporting: EduardoBrooklynAnandMel-Varr/Marvin Ellis/Kid KreeGeriTaiFawziaEliCeceliaJurneeCoach HrbekPrincipal NelsonAngeloIsaac and Antonio Goldberg-CalderonLOS-307Merle and MatsuyePad-VarrJean-MichelangeloDiego PeñaLara, Laura, and LaurelBobby the MythDr. Akonam OjoPebbleGraniteFranklinSam Wilson/Captain AmericaBill FosterMaria HillToothgnasherAragornRedwingVernell LewisTurbo
Villains: The BeyonderAftershockCold Cut BanditsDevos the DevastatorSymbiotesGravitasInstantanegirlMan BabyManeRockin' RudyStilettoAbyssRat KingGarko the Man-FrogFlying FoxThe MuzzlersOdessa DrakeTorg the Abominable Snow-KingNoxMaris MorlakMolecule ManDevil Girl and Moon DinosaurQuickwhipLady BullseyeJesterBig WheelDr. SternKat SwanBlue StreakGeneral HylesSilvermane

Season One: "Moon Girl Landing" • "The Borough Bully" • "Run the Rink" • "Check Yourself" • "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" • "The Beyonder" • "Moon Girl's Day Off" • "Teacher's Pet" • "Skip This Ad...olescence" • "Goodnight, Moon Girl" • "Like Mother, Like Moon Girl" • "Today, I Am a Woman" • "Devil on Her Shoulder" • "Coney Island, Baby!" • "OMG Issue #1" • "OMG Issue #2"

Season Two: "The Great Beyond-er!" • "Suit Up!" • "Belly of the Beast" • "Ride or Die" • "Kid Kree" • "Wish-Tar" • "Make It, Don't Break It!" • "The Devil You Know" • "In The Heist" • "Dog Day Mid-Afternoon • "Roller Jam!" • "Dancing With Myself" • "Family Matters" • "The Molecular Level"

New York CityRoll With It
Moon Girl Magic

Season One: Where You Come FromBorough Bully RapI Came to Play (IDKWYCTD)My Hair Is a MoodThe BeyonderLook in Your EyesCan't Be TamedJust the Two of UsFeelin' MeOut My MindNeon CityIn the HouseThe WavePretty Girl SwagLet's Get ItAltz Iz GutzCan You Keep Up?Go BigDoin' My ThingLight of My Day
Season Two: Suit Up

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