"There's Nobody Quite Like You" is a song from the Johnny and the Sprites episode, "Ginger's Antenna Dilemma". It is performed by John Tartaglia as Johnny, Leslie Carrara as Ginger, Tim Lagasse as Basil, and Carmen Osbahr as Lily. It is a follow-up to "Muddle in the Puddle." After Ginger expresses that her curly antennae make her look weird, Johnny and the other Sprites help her to see that her antennae are in fact a unique feature that make her special. It is featured as track 18 on the Johnny and the Sprites music album.


There's nobody quite like you
There isn't a Sprite like you
There's no one who looks like you do
Worth comparing you to
Oh, I bet there aren't any other curly antennae

Don't tell me I'm unique, that's absurd

But you're one-of-a-kind
I give ya' my word
There's nobody quite like you

For instance, Peppermint the Wise
Her antennae grew in size
To be the longest ever found on any Sprite
But was our Peppermint ashamed
Because her antennae were untamed?
No! Those antennae made her sensitive and bright!

There's nobody quite like her
And no one was bright like her
She used her antennae for good
Like a heroine should

So it isn't such a mystery
She went down in history
She knew that who she was was a plus

It's a lesson that Sprite has given to us

Johnny and Basil:
There's nobody quite like...

Tarragon the Just, his antennae had some rust
And they were full of dust and feathery to boot
But dusty feathers served him well
When robbers robbed the Sprite Hotel
He made them sneeze and drop the bag of stolen loot

There's nobody quite like him
Who knew wrong from right like him
So tell me, now
How do you feel 'bout your outward appeal?

My antennae may be curly
But they make me look girly

Curly and loving it
That's the stuff

You're a heck of a Sprite
Can't say it enough

Johnny, Lily, and Basil:
There's nobody quite like

No wonderful, fabulous, singular Sprite like

Johnny, Lily, and Basil:
There's nobody quite like you

Like me!

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