Those Calloways is a 1965 American film adaption of a book by Paul Annixter. Annixter and his wife Jane were writers of books for young readers. The film was produced by Walt Disney and directed by Norman Tokar. It was the last credit for veteran film composer Max Steiner. Originally trade-previewed as Those Crazy Calloways, Disney's Those Calloways is a lengthy, anecdotal film about a highly individualistic New England family.

It starred Brian Keith, Vera Miles, Brandon De Wilde, Walter Brennan, and Linda Evans in the principal roles.

Following the patterned formula for Disney family entertainment, the film follows the trials and tribulations of a Vermont family over a period of time as they attempt to establish a sanctuary for the Canadian geese that stopover in their rural community during their annual migrations.

On-location New England filming contributes to the film's appeal.

Brandon De Wilde had previously worked with Walter Brennan in 1956's Good-bye, My Lady, and with Brian Keith in the 3-part The Tenderfoot for Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color in 1964.


Patriarch Cam Calloway (Brian Keith) is regarded as a crank by the local villagers because of his dream to build a bird sanctuary that will protect migratory geese from hunters. Cam uses all his savings to buy a lake, where he intends to establish his sanctuary. When a wealthy sportsman offers to turn the town into a booming resort community in exchange for hunting rights, Cam opposes the plan, which briefly puts him on the outs with everyone else. Only when Cam is accidentally shot by the sportsman do the locals rally around the "crazy" Calloways so that Cam's sanctuary can come to fruition.


  • Brian Keith - Cam Calloway
  • Vera Miles - Liddy Calloway
  • Brandon De Wilde - Bucky Calloway
  • Walter Brennan - Alf Simes
  • Ed Wynn - Ed Parker
  • Linda Evans - Bridie Mellot
  • Philip Abbott - Dell Fraser
  • John Larkin - Jim Mellot
  • Parley Baer - Doane Shattuck
  • Frank DeKova - Nigosh
  • Roy Roberts - E J Fletcher
  • John Qualen - Ernie Evans
  • Tom Skerritt - Whit Turner
  • Paul Hartman - Charley Evans
  • Russell Collins - Nat Perkins
  • John Davis Chandler - Ollie Gibbons
  • Chet Stratton - Phil Petrie
  • Renee Godfrey - Sarah Mellot
  • Frank Ferguson - Doctor

Production Credits

  • Director - Norman Tokar
  • Screenplay - Louis Pelletier
  • Source Material (from novel) - Paul Annixter
  • Producer - Walt Disney
  • Co-Producer - Winston Hibler
  • Director of Photography - Edward Colman
  • Editor - Grant K. Smith
  • Music - Max Steiner
  • Songs - Max Steiner
  • Song - Jay Livingston


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