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Thou Shalt Nut Steal is the first segment of the first episode from Disney and Xilam's Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life series.


Dale makes a serious mistake when he steals the wrong dog's chestnuts.


Chip is disappointed to see that he and Dale do not have any nuts, the only one left being old and rotten. Desperate and hungry, Dale suddenly arrives with chestnuts, much to their delight. When Chip asks Dale where he found them, Dale directs him to a chestnut stand that is guarded by Pluto. It is revealed that Pluto has the chestnuts for his quin-puplets who are also hungry and cold. Horrified, Chip tries to convince Dale to return the nuts, especially when Pluto realizes that they have been stolen.

Fearful that Pluto will harm them if he found out, they try to cover their tracks and race back to their treehouse when Pluto catches wind of them. Using the old and rotten nut, they manage to divert Pluto's suspicion. At night, Chip has a nightmare that he is haunted by the whimpering of the quin-puplets while Dale has a nightmare that he is haunted by Pluto's anger. The two agree to return the chestnuts back to the stand. As soon as they return them however, Dale changes his mind and makes off with the chestnuts. Pluto catches Chip as he growls at him.

When Dale returns to the tree, he suddenly begins to sympathize with the quin-puplets and takes the chestnuts back to the stand. After refilling the stand, it suddenly dislodges and rolls down the hill and into the city street. Chip, Dale and Pluto are about to run into a truck, but the chipmunks use Pluto's head like a helicopter and they manage to avoid the truck and fly away. Later, Chip and Dale have invited Pluto and the quin-puplets to stay in their treehouse as they dine on chestnuts together. Meanwhile, a Beagle Boy, who had earlier stolen a harmonica from one of the puppies, solemnly sits in jail playing it.



  • This phrase is a parody of "Thou Shalt Not Steal," one of the Ten Commandments.



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