• stan lee the king of comic books has sadly pass away and his death made everyone sad around the world, but i am here today to talk about why his death will effect big hero 6 the series.

    so we all know that stan lee made a cameo in big hero 6 and he was playing the role of Fred's dad Mr. Frederickson like we all know that stan lee always has a cameo in a marvel film and big hero 6 was one of them like we know it wasn't made by marvel studios and it didn't featured the marvel logo on the film but still big hero 6 is a marvel superhero film base on a marvel property like stan lee just appeared in the film at the end to let everyone know that this is a marvel movie not a disney movie.

    stan lee would later on return in big hero 6 the series as a minor character in the show, making guest appearances also the Big Hero 6 sometimes visit his secret lair to find a way to eliminate a new foe.

    but we dont know what's gonna happen to Mr. Frederickson in the show since stan lee's death like what's gonna happen to Fred's dad later on in season 2.

    could another actor voice Mr. Frederickson in the show like they could do this in season 2 like for example in the TMNT 2003 series there was an episode that had jack Kirby another big comic book legend who also worked with stan lee like jack Kirby was voiced by a different actor in this episode because he died a long time ago.

    but will the show creators do that like if they dont what another voice actor to voice Mr. Frederickson they will simply just kill him off by just mentioning that Fred's dad just died in season 2.

    but what should they kill of Mr. Frederickson or should they get another actor to voice Mr. Frederickson let me know in the comments.

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