• I just saw Ken Duncan's facebook page about the mistreatment that the evil executives from Disney ridiculed Ken Duncan and his animation studio for helping Disney to make a 2d animated sequence for Mary Poppins Returns. According to Ken Duncan's page, those evil executives ridiculed Ken and his studio say he should shut down his animated studio and laugh about it. Luckily, he stand up to himself for that. Here is his quote on Facebook for more information about it. 

    Ken Duncan:I‘m going to discuss something here that I heard in a public space, at the Poppins screening.....It was something surprising, but also affirming. 
    Disney Pictures treated Duncan Studio in a strange way during the making of the animated sequences. We were considered a VFX house…(we think of ourselves as an Animation studio). As we know, several VFX houses have been put out of business after working on a Disney Pictures film (not Disney Animation), i.e. Rhythm & Hues, Café FX, etc. 
    We experienced a rather unsympathetic Disney accountant on the Poppins production (and executives).
    On Thursday after arriving at the theater, this accountant saw me in the restroom before the screening. Several minutes later, Juliet and I made our way to our seats. The people next to us, and behind us were turned away and chatting rather loudly. I don’t think they saw us seated. 
    I heard someone say, “…Duncan, the guys that did the 2D animation…”. It was the accountant, saying he saw me earlier...or to that effect. 
    Then, his wife said rather loudly, “Duncan Studio, well you shut them down didn’t you?” (closed down) and then laughed. 
    Wow! There it was! 
    This somewhat affirms how we were treated on this project, and what we assumed their objective was. Well, we haven’t been SHUT DOWN, #######!!….and there’s more to say about this.

    While I'm glad Ken stand up to himself, but what those evil executives did is cruel and unfair. While I know making campaigns won't solve anything, but I say it's payback time for them. We must make a campaign not only to bring 2d animation back to Disney, but also fire those evil greedy Disney executives. We must support Mary Poppins Returns to get Disney and the executives the message that 2d animation can be profitable. And also think of a way to tell Bob Iger that those Disney executives have to go for their cruelty to 2d animation.

    Okay, I know I'm over-reacting, but this time those executives have gone too far. I hope I wasn't like a SJW again.

    P.S. Whatever you do, don't blame Mickey. He has nothing to do with it.

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    • I agree, this has gone out of hand, and I'm not blaming Mickey at all. Mickey is my friend, and he always will be. You and I have a lot of work to do in order to bring Disney back to it's former glory. Let's keep our hopes up on new CEO of Disney. But if the new CEO of Disney was voted and bring back 2d animation, what else do you want him or her to bring back? I'll tell what I want him or her to bring back when you think of your ideas.

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    • Like for instance the Disney sequels that got canceled? Like Dumbo 2, Pinocchio 2 and The Aristocats 2?
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    • I typed in the link and it didn't show me that page! Something tells me you are making this up. As far as I am concerned, Disney never expressed any unhappiness with the animation in the film.

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    • I'm telling the truth. Sorry that my link isn't working, but I've fixed it. Look above.

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    • Maybe, but it wasn't talked about in the news. But, if what you are saying is true, then that accountant should be fired for that.

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