• They've tricked Pinnochio they could indeed trick Olaf, Honest John and Gideon could also go after the characters like Abu, Remy, Moana's pig and rooster, funny toads like Mr. Toad, crossovers with those like Inside Out, The Reluctant Dragon, Rapunzel's tiny lizard, the seven dwarfs, a crossover with the Muppets Honest John and Gideon in shows with characaters like Peter Pan, or Lilo and Stitch Wreck It Ralph letting Ralph meet Honest John and Gideon. A group like this could even be a big Movie Star Crossover altogether, or a cast doing scenes similar to each movie for some sort of Party or perfornance.

    The movies and characters mentioned here are suggestions for the fans of Honest John and Gideon who want them to have more videos.

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    • I have never witnessed a Disney movie crossover, and it likely won’t happen since Disney Channel hasn’t done a crossover since Jessie ended.

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    • The Cameo stuff isn't that different though.

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