• What Elephants Know is a tale that would be an awesome idea for Pixar it has more elephants than Dumbo, and then the kid in it has scenes similar to both Mowgli's life and Merida's while he's trying to save his family and his community. What Elephants Know is a fiction book of Nepal. The boy Nandu misses his dhole family that raised him, it's the Jungle Book that comforts Nandu, but like Merida trying to save his family and community he had to be quick. Nandu was taken to a king's stables full of elephants. When this boy Nandu feels grirf he misses the female elephant he knew as much as Dumbo misses his mom. The dhole pack is in scenes of the fifth part of this boy's story, they make a discovery. The story's written like Nandu is telling you his own story out loud.

    I believe  a tale like this would likely earn a high rate indeed, wilderness, royalty, and elephant scenes throughout the story.  

    Tell Me Your Opinion of this idea I've recently checked out this book from the Library.

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    • No I didn't ever realize such facts of Pixar, especially with a few Pixar movies related to old history and legends even if not based on a book. Plus extra small books of Pixar characters,and the novelet books based on the movies themselves, both collections for young kids to practice reading.

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    • I've mainly been suggesting tales from the library that make me think of Disney and Pixar films at the same time  by comparing the events.

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    • But in Pixar, their movies are not based on any books or legends or anything nor they will ever do it. These movies came from themselves. From the director's or animator's point of view of life. 

      But if there is a sequel to Brave, my idea for it is, that Merida sets off to save her kingdom and her family from an evil blight that has been caused by Mor'du with the power of the waystones. She also wants to prove that she can be a bold and brave leader, breaking gender norms. I know it sounds like the video game adaption of the movie, but we can make it more original. Along the way, she meets a wiry boy named Karalt who has something to do with the blight but is willing to help Merida end it (he later becomes her love interest and he has a bit of a resemblance of grown up Andy from Toy Story 3). Merida also meets Karalt's talking pet newts, Gunkie and Velvie, (another comical Pixar duo), a big black talking bear named Rondenork, "Ronde" for short, his 3 adorable bear cubs, Ril, Lonnie and Jillie and a huge herd of endangered wild animals who are being hunted down by Viking hunters, who are also invading lands. Merida, with the help of her new friends, will have to unleash her full potential as the future Queen of Dunbroch and put a stop to the blight and the Vikings, save her kingdom and protect the fauna of the forests. 

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    • I like your theory of Merida, I just know checking themes of old tales can help write new tales, and Merida's the princess I enjoy enough to write about repeatedly a fanon wiki of her, Pixar Wiki speech of her on blogs, Merida in my fan fiction of the Pride Lands, I even do fan art of Merida. She's one I like the real culture of, most princesses I just like the story the film offered her. But culture and animated film I love Pixar's Scottish princess Merida.

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