• Hi im MixelFan566 or just call me MF and if you have watched Incredibles and Incredibles 2 you'll know that Jack-Jack has like 24 powers and that makes him the most powerful super although it is unknown on what powers he will have in his future anyways the reason why Jack-Jack has so many powers is because according to Edna Super babies have multiple powers but will have 1 or 2 or more when there older but according to Bob Jack-Jack is showing off WAY more powers then either Violet or Dash did when they were babies that and the kids names reflect there powers Dash well its kinda obvious Violet means ultra-violet light which are invisible to the human eye and Jack-Jack is a jack of all traits so we can guess that he will have more than 1 powers or more when he's older that and a Supers powers are based on there personallity because it was revealed by a youtuber named Seamas Gorman and with the creator Brad Bird watch his video example Bob thinks he can do everything himself and has to be strong for his family so he has Super-Strength Helen thinks some things can be fixed with the right amount of flexabillity and pulls in everyone together so she has Elastisity Violet is shy and guarded so she has Invisibility and Force-Fields Dash is impatient and impulsive so he has Super-Speed while for Jack-Jack well he doesn't have a personallity cause he's a 1 year old baby so he might have 1 or more abillities or all 24 when he's older i think he'll have






    Laser Eyes 


    Elemental forms


    But what do you guys think what will be Jack-Jack's future powers when he is older leave your thoughts in the comment bellow 

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