• Now before you get into it I want to make something clear. Don't go rushing into creating new articles on some of these Fox films just because they are now under Disney ownership. You're just went ahead creating articles too quickly so you can add links or new categorizations. Disregarding the same treatment we have to the other film pages shows you don't plan to work on them more, nor are you interested in the topics you just wrote about.

    If There are going to be articles on 20th Century Fox films it is going to be done properly. Don't create new articles unless you're going to put some real work into them.

    Do you even know what the films you've written are about? Are you interested in them, have you looked them up or are you planning to see them?

    • Ad Astra
    • Breakthrough
    • The Art of Racing in the Rain
    • The Woman in the Window
    • Call of the Wild
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