• Alright people, since Pixar is talking about making a third Finding Nemo movie, this plot looks like it is good. It was during the Circle 7 animation era and it is really heart warming. The story would be about Marlin, Nemo, and Dory going out to look for a fish that could be his long lost brother.

    It would start after the barracuda attack and when we see Marlin picking up Nemo's egg, we would see another egg at a cliff. We then see the egg fall and get caught by a current taking it away from it's original home. Just as it finally lays down, it begins to hatch and a little clown fish gets out. Years later we would see Nemo and his class at school during which Mr.Ray reveals a guest speaker. It would be an older fish who begins to tell the class about where he come from which would be a really cold place. After the presentation, the older fish talks to Nemo and reveals that there is a colony of little fish and that one of them looks like him. Excited by this, Nemo tells Marlin and Cody about it and decides that he wants to see this and that fish. Dory agrees to this but Marlin begins doubting the situation. After some talking Marin eventually agrees. After the whole journey, they begin to get cold and are knocked unconscious, but as Nemo closes his eyes a fish starts swimming towards him. He then wakes up and is in a cave with Marlin and Dory, but he also sees the fish who greets him. Finally seeing him, Nemo hugs him and tells the fish, whose name is Remy, that he and his family have been looking for him. Remy then shows him that a lot of kids are doing their chores and that since they were by their side, they were a family. Marlin breaks down and says he is sorry for what he did. The others then cuddle with him for warmth. They return home safely and just as they leave for school, Marlin whispers to Dory: "We're gonna need a bigger house."

    This is a really emotional story line that has me tearing up. I hopeĀ  Pixar greenlights this story. Thank you for reading.

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