• I while back I consulted with User:SilverFlight and User:Hey1234 about terminating the infobox sections "friends" and "enemy". I do not recall their opinions at that time, but Hey1234 has just recently got back to the subject and is up for it.

    Here are the reasons why we should consider terminating "friends" and "enemies". It's becoming difficult to maintain with characters flip-flopping alliances, users adding characters as "friends" even though they've barely interacted, and not knowing where certain characters stand with each other in present day even though they were friends in the past (like King Louie and Kaa).

    "Relatives", "Pets", and "Minions" are worth keeping because those are concrete. It would also be a good idea to have a "love interest" section so we can keep non-married love interests in the infoboxes.

    I ask for your honest opinion.

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    • Honestly, I feel like that could make sense as if it could be confusing for characters to be pals and enemies at the same time. I mean, it does feel like that mostly other users doesn't know the continuity¬†of certain characters who switch sides from bad to good and vice versa. On the other hand, it could be not the most brightest idea on this wiki and would be even more confusing to delete the "friends" and "enemies" from infoboxes and might go a little too far as it would make users uncertain about who's their friends and enemies.

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