• Which is your favourite BatB draft?

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    • Well, I generally don't hold to favorites, but if I must choose... I'd probably go with either the Richard Purdum draft, or the Cox draft, mostly because thematically, both versions were pretty close to the original story by Villevneue/Beaumont. Plus, in those versions, at least Belle had an actual excuse for putting up with the village life instead of leaving, not to mention actually HAD foils that represented the moral of the tale well (Belle's Sisters and Aunt Marguerite actually embodied inner ugliness, contrasted with the Bimbettes, who if you ask me looked like they not only blew Belle's outer beauty out of the water, but from what little we saw of them, they looked like they came closer to having actual inner beauty than Belle did). Quite frankly, Beauty and the Beast was one of those stories that didn't need as extensive of a rewrite that it got. At least with The Little Mermaid, the ending being changed was kind of necessary since it wasn't really child friendly (it would be like showing your four year old the scene where Senator Kinsey melts in the X-Men movie), there was nothing warranting that kind of rewrite that you'd expect from, say, The Jungle Book (doesn't help either that Linda Woolverton and Don Hahn outright boasted that they radically rewrote the tale to push a social agenda on the masses).

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