• The previous thread was getting pretty long, so I'm making a new one here.

    That's true. Maybe they're trying to bring back as much as old stuff as they can to please people who don't like the sequels?

    I see. What about Rogue One for ya?

    Thanks for that. I think I would be a bad friend if I did act like that, you know? Well, that means a lot and I'm sorry you get a hard time a lot. I know what that's like, trust me.

    Alright. Sounds good. I sure hope it's alright. I need Disney to deliver this year. Are you gonna watch Toy Story 4?

    Thanks bro! Here you go. I'm now at 5 chapters published so far. Can't wait to hear what you think! Don't how many chapters I'm doing, but I have a general idea where I want it to go.  Fyi Captain Marvel is much more relevant and active in my version and she's keeping the long hair. Hope that sounds good to you. lol

    Hmmm. I see. If there is a new big villain, it will probably be hinted at the post credit scene or something. Though are you excited for Black Widow and The Eternals next year? I think they will be good since they're prequels and all. 

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    • Sorry I'm late, it took a while to guess that you started a new thead coz I was sure you wouldn't go that long without replying to me.

      Rogue One was all right, I don't remember much of it though, only the seemingly invincible Krennic (who also played the villain in Ready Player One if I recall) who gets blowed up by Tarkin with the Death Star, and that it tells of how the Rebels obtained the plans to the Death Star.

      Well, I know it's not like you to act like that. I think you and Dragon Geek on fimfiction are the ones who will always stand by me and never disappear out of the blue. Even if we disagree about a few things.

      Not sure. Maybe I'll rent it in Shaw just to try it out, I don't have HUGE interest in them but I seen them all so far.

      I'll read it when I get back from volunteering with cats. I expect it'll be entertaining, alternate endings and such are always fun, fanmade or otherwise. And of course I'd expect the Captain Marvel stuff.

      I am really looking forward to Black Widow now, I'll appreciate her more after her death in Endgame. I actually expected Iron Man to die more than her, even though he's already had three individual films of being the main character where she's always either been a supporting protagonist or shared the spotlight with the other Avengers. If I hadn't read that summary that turned out to be true, I'd have expected Barton to take the fall instead since he felt more minor than her and I heard a rumor he'd play an instrumental part in Thanos's defeat.

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    • Lol no worries. Would never do that without telling you I if I wasn't going to be one for a bit.

      That is correct. Pretty weird to watch it and A New Hope back to back and see the graphic difference (since they were like 40 years apart from each other and all) LOL.

      Oh of course! I would never act like that and go crazy on you like some people would. Have you ever met a user named Fire Eater? He's been on Wikia about as long as you and loves MLP like you do as well.

      Alright. Sounds good. I hope it's okay. I thought part 3 was the last one. lol

      Cool! Thanks! Cats? Is that like animal shelter for cats? That's my plan! Most of the feedback I have gotten so far has been pretty postive. I've taken SOME of the ideas from my headcanon on your blog in here, but I'm also creating a lot of original stuff too. And lol! You do know me so well, bro! Lol but yes Carol is major player this time around who get lots of team interactions and bonding and looks LIKE THIS the entire time (cause I think she looks the best when she looks like that, you know? lol).

      Oh yeah. I didn't expect that either.....BUT I still think the film will be good. I wonder if it will be rated R you think?

      I heard Disney is starting some new Star Wars movies in 2022. Guess it's not as dead as we though, right?

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    • Second paragraph - Until then I blamed Palpatine for the visuals suddenly getting worse lol. (even though I knew it was coz the original trilogy's old)

      Fire Eater - Might be interested to talk to him.

      It should have been, people are hating it already out of fear it might undo the third film's perfect ending.

      It is an animal shelter for cats, dogs, and rabbits. I just volunteer with the cats. I don't mind dogs (as long as they're friendly) but I love cats.

      I had a bunch of other stuff I had to do but maybe when I get back I'll read it. Don't let me forget.

      That further confirms my theory about Palpatine raising the third Empire.

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    • Started reading it and it's pretty good. I'm on your backstory for Carol destroying Supreme Intelligence and Yon-Rogg crashlanding on Sakaar, I might put that bit in my headcanon unless his fate is revealed later. I'll say he was killed by the Hulk, since Ronan was still powerful after 20 years he could easily have lasted until then. Though, you misspelled "Rogers" as "Rodgers" and "Ronan" as "Ronin"

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    • LOL right! And don't forget Sheev was played by somebody else in the original release of The Empire Strikes Back too.

      You should! Just be warned he can be a little crazy and loves to rant.

      I can imagine that. We'll see soon enough.

      Oh awesome! I use to have a cat, but he ran away a few years ago. Very say, you know?

      Oh of course! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

      Maybe. I wonder if Rey, Finn and Poe will survive Episode 9? I don't know if I can handle more hero deaths this year. lol

      Oh thanks! I read that was suppose to happen to Yon-Rogg in the Captain Marvel post credit scene, which is why I added it my fanfic (and I find it a funny and fittting fate for him). And oops! Thanks for letting me know! I'll go fix that right away!

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    • Yeah I read that bit at the end of the chapter. I'm on Chapter 4 now. I love the part about "a somber Thanos", since Thanos and Sombra both got their final deaths last month and their "main" ones were shown in a hologram or crystal ball again later, etc., and when King Sombra was first named, his name was initially mistaken for King Somber.

      Also, maybe fix it a bit so new paragraphs don't start at dialog from the same character speaking in the previous paragraph, new paragraphs starting with dialog begin when the next person speaks. Like, "As we speak, real heroes are already planning your demise" should be part of the previous paragraph coz it's Gamora talking in both.

      I'll probably be taking a break, just about to start Chapter 5, I'll try to remember that, but I bookmarked your story. Btw, a pony site says this kind of fanfic has a name: a "fix-it fanfic".

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    • Oh that's cool! Didn't even know that, but thanks for telling me. All those errors have been fixed now. Please let me know if you see anymore.

      Alright. I guess I could do that. Which ones need it the most?

      Btw, I have no idea how many chapters I'm doing, but I will do a lot. Let me know if there'a anything you might want to see in it since others on there and Archive of Our Own have requested things. 

      And let me know what you think of Carol in this story! 

      Thanks! Oh really? Interesting. I guess that matches up I'm going for.

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    • Conversation between Gamora and Thanos, and I think it also came up in the conversation between Strange and the Ancient One

      Also the Tony/Nebula chapter is full of it. Like, put "If I hadn't tried to sneak aboard my father's ship" as part of the previous paragraph (which can stay the same), and after she finishes talking, just "Nebula punched the wall of the ship." And I think the fight with Thanos chapter too.

      Finished the most recent chapter. Interesting twist with the Thanos fight. Of course I do expect a conclusion eventually, but whatever you want to go with.

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    • Alright. Thanks. I'll take care of it. Let me know if you see anything else. 

      Thanks! Oh there will be. Don't worry. I have big plans for Captain Marvel, of course. lol If you have suggestions, please let me know. How does a scene between Carol and Rocket making fun of Ronan and Korath sound? Do you think that would be funny?

      I'll have one more  chapter up today, but starting tomorrow night I'll be gone for about a week or so with no access to my computer, but I'll still be able to message you on my phone. Just wanted to let you know. When I get back, I'll return to writing my story.

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    • I think it would.

      All right, and I'll see if I can read it today when I get back from work.

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    • Cool! I'll add a scene like that sometime.

      Sounds awesome! Thanks! It's up now.

      And I think I've fixed all those issues you saw. Let me know if you see some more.

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    • Just read it. Pretty good, though at the end you should begin new paragraphs when the next person talks.

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    • Thanks! Do you like they're going back to see Peter Dinklage's character? And alright, thanks. I'll take care of that.

      Hate it will be a week or so until I can write the next one (cause I'm gonna be gone for like a week or so with no access to my computer) but once I get back, I'll get to work on chapter 9.

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    • Of course. He plays my favorite character in Game of Thrones, and his X-Men character killed two of my Mystery Six, and as of canon he forged the weapon Thor used to kill Thanos after 7 years, even if that might not hold true in your story (if you have something planned already, don't change it on my account, I'm just saying my prediction, but I bet it'll either be Captain Marvel or Iron Man who kills Thanos here). It's also cool his character Eitri is giant, if you've seen him in anything else you'll know his actual size.

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    • Oh that's right! And I've seen him in X-Men and The Elf movie, so I know what he really looks like compared to how he looked in IW. And one of characters you mentioned may or may not do the deed! 

      Btw, I want to add a profile picture on, but it says I need "permission" from who ever owns the image. How would I go about that you think?

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    • Ask whoever drew it, if you can speak to them on any site they go to.

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    • Alright. Thanks. What about if it’s just a character image from a movie (you know you which I want LOL)?

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    • I think that's all right, they were probably referring to artwork by other people on the internet.

      Original Captain Marvel?

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    • Thanks. 

      And of course I want a Captain Marvel one, but it’s just an image like from her movie. No fan made stuff or anything. So thanks for your help! Will be ready to work on chapter 9 when I get back next week!

      How have you been? The place I was at yesterday had no internet and was all round just a miserable day that went on all around. 

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    • I've been all right. I hope things will be better now you're back.

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    • Thanks! And glad to hear it!

      I’m actually visiting my old grandma and grandpa this week, so hopefully things will be okay when I go back home next week. Don’t like leaving my readers hanging, you know? Lol

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    • Btw do you watch Game of Thrones?

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    • I do not, but I am aware of it. I take it you’re a big fan, yes?

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    • Well, most recent episode killed the last four major villains, except one of the main protagonists has turned to the dark side and will be the final antagonist in the series finale this Sunday.

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    • Oh I see. How do you feel about that?

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    • Satisfied with the villains dying, especially a really sadistic one who falls into the fire, disappointed with the hero turning to the dark side. For seven seasons we were cheering for her to become queen and she just burned thousands of innocents to defeat the evil queen. But one of the other protagonists, her nephew, can become king. Hopefully Peter Dinklage survives.

      Also, while King Sombra is still dead, the mid-season finale of MLP implies ruling Equestria might be really stressful for the Mane 6 and therefore they won't get a really good ending like we thought they would.

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    • I see and that’s a bummer about that hero turning evil. Was that the one Emila Clarke plays who turned evil? Any reason why her character did that? And of course let’s hope Eitri survives! lol

      Oh I see. So what will happen then?

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    • Yes. I think she went mad with grief after her second dragon was killed, to the point she wanted to take vengeance no matter the cost, even though there were other ways they could've killed the evil queen without sacrificing civilians. (They've got a professional assassin who could've sneaked in and taken her out, and as for her fleet, Daenerys's dragon took them out easily before the big massacre of King's Landing)

      I don't know, that episode hasn't aired yet, just its synopsis is out. But the episode with Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow is out, right now they're conspiring against Grogar to take over themselves, withholding his source of ultimate power from him, but they did nearly experience friendship at one point (before snapping out of it) so they might reform in the finale.

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    • Oh really? I’m sorry about that. Thanks for explaining that! How do you feel about this all?

      Oh okay. Thanks for letting me know. Please keep my updated. 

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    • While we got the death of the villain I thought was going to win, and all four of her minions, an episode earlier than I thought we would, that at least gives me a bit of satisfaction even though I'm disappointed about Daenerys's turn to the dark side, it'll make rewatching them seem a bit different, but I at least can accept this, as opposed to if the previous Marvel movies were erased, if Sombra had stayed revived, or if things end badly for the Mane 6. Of course in the final I'm hoping for Jon Snow to become king, since Daenerys is looking to become a Mad Queen if she takes over. But she's still got one fierce dragon on her side, who slaughtered those innocents for her without question, they'll have to go through him too.

      That's just the thing about Game of Thrones - anyone can die. The main character of Season 1 was killed before the final episode. One of the most notoriously despised villains in history was unexpectedly poisoned at the beginning of Season 4, another of the main characters and his army were massacred at the end of Season 3, and the mastermind who orchestrated all the chaos (except for two armies from beyond the Wall) to try to become king was executed at the end of the second to last season.

      Though Daenerys at least had Plot Armor for Seasons 1-6 because her story took place in a completely different area and felt detached from the rest, aside from her clearly planning to take her rightful place as queen of the Seven Kingdoms. And Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), has seemed too popular for even this show to kill off, and while Season 8 has been a bloodbath for a lot of long-running characters, he is still alive.

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    • Wow. Thanks for explaining that! That’s a very detailed explanation and I’m sorry she turned evil. Any chance of redemption for her, you think?

      Any one can die you say? That’s interesting. Who’s the main hero now?

      So is Peter Dinklage’s character a good guy?

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    • Theon, Jaime, and Melisandre reformed after doing some pretty horrible things, but Daenerys might be too far gone, although she has had her vengeance. But she might be following in her father's footsteps, the "Mad King" who burned innocents alive. A leak says Jon kills her and her dragon, but while a few of those have been accurate, a few of them weren't (it said the professional assassin stabs the evil queen disguised as her brother/lover while in reality, the queen and her brother are crushed when the dragon collapses the castle). I suspect this is a result of alternate endings they filmed so even the actors don't know how it ends, much like Endgame. (similar to the one where Thanos gets Death to revive him, Cap sacrifices himself to kill Thanos and his army, and they recharge the stones, the whole thing sounds similar to how it happened but with major differences)

      I'd say Jon Snow is the main hero now. He's always been one of the main characters. Initially his story would be a bit detached from the others as well as he'd be at the Wall guarding it from wildlings, and later battling White Walkers after he kills the wildling leader and the others reform. Following his death and revival, he leaves the Wall and battles Ramsay, one of the most evil and sadistic villains in the show (along with Joffrey and the Mountain) to take his hometown back, and his cousin (Sophie Turner) feeds Ramsay to his dogs, whom he hasn't fed for a week. (A fitting end for him coz not only is it brutal, but he'd have them hunt girls for sport, and fed his baby brother to them)

      He is. For the first three seasons he's kinda been with some of the villains, as he is the other brother of the evil queen and son of a tyrant who ordered children strangled in their sleep, but his father and sister have always had it in for him for being a dwarf (unlike his brother, who seems more honorable despite his incest with the queen), and he is always morally opposed to the terrible things his nephew Joffrey does, and tries to stop him. When he is falsely accused of killing Joffrey (good riddance), which his father knows he didn't do but uses it as a pretext to have him killed, he leaves the area and joins Daenerys's side. He tries to reason with her to not kill those innocent people and is horrified when she does. He and Jon previously wanted her to be queen, but I bet now they're reconsidering.

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    • Oh wow! Thanks for explaining that!  Very interesting! Please let me know how it goes!

      Interesting. Thanks for telling me that!

      Cool! Thanks for telling me that again!

      Btw, I’ll be back Sunday and will resume my fanfic then and I wanted to know if you wanted anything specific to see in it?

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    • I hope all that wasn't too long.

      Fourth paragraph: Nothing in particular. I'm going with Endgame, I'm just interested to see your alternate ending headcanon. I'm assuming there'll be no time travel, so no need for The Other.

      Ever seen this show called Mystery Science Theater 3000? There a mad scientist named Dr. Forrester forces a man and two robots to watch bad movies, hoping he can use these movies to drive everyone on Earth insane and take it over. And the guy (Joel at first, who is replaced with Mike in Season 5) and the robots make fun of it the whole way through.

      There was one movie, The Girl in Lovers Lane, where the robots are depressed at the ending, where the girl is killed by the village idiot, so Joel tells them to come up with their own alternate endings for their headcanons, like you are. When Forrester's assistant Frank does the same, Forrester pounds a railroad spike into Frank's skull, comically having Frank hold it in place. (Frank survives all his deaths until the end of the sixth season)

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    • No, not at all. Makes me think I should go into way more depth in my responses to you  since you always do to me. 

      Alright and no, time travel is not happening here, so The Other is staying dead. I’ll let you once I’ve gotten back and when the next chapter will be up (should be Sunday).  And thanks for not being mad at for not liking Endgame. There’s a few I know who aren’t happy I don’t like it and are giving me a hard time about it, so thanks for not doing that to me. 

      I have not, but Lol! That does sound funny and entertaining! Is it live action or animation?

      Oh wow! That’s gruesome! Lol why would he do that to his assistant? 

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    • Well thank you for not being mad at me for liking Endgame.

      Forrester just finds it fun to kill Frank, and sometimes does it when he annoys him, though nothing's really shown in graphic detail, it's more played for comedy and to illustrate how demented Forrester is.

      Forrester also invents stuff like a record made of chalk with a human fingernail on the record player, a fast food restaurant that only serves raw meat, a joke flower that shoots fire instead of water, kids' toys that breathe fire, a loveseat that electrocutes you, and toothpaste made of sugar.

      He also invented a bike that has a built in bed and night table, but said he'd get rid of its pedals and wheels for the espresso machine (saying it "expresso"), and replaces Frank's blood with radiator fluid. Though at one point Frank beats Forrester up at boxing and kicks him while he's down.

      Between Seasons 7 and 8, his mother smothers him with a pillow then blames the main characters for his death and takes over as main villain of Seasons 8-10, showing them bad movies as revenge while ruling an apocalyptic Planet of the Apes future world that Mike (the main character) accidentally blows up.

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    • Oh of course! And thanks for reading my alternate version even though you like the official one. 

      Oh wow! Who’s this Forrerster played by? And very funny and entertaining! Thanks got that detailed explanations like always. 

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    • Even though I go by the official canon it is always interesting to hear your alternate headcanons to stuff, especially since it's really fun talking to you.

      He's played by some guy named Trace Beaulieu that I've never seen in anything else. He also voices one of the two robots, the goofier one named Crow.

      In Seasons 11 and 12, which aired recently in 2017 and 2018, Forrester's daughter Kinga (Felicia Day) is the main villain, and her assistant is Frank's son Max (Patton Oswalt). Midway through Season 12 a funeral of sorts is held for Forrester and Frank, the only two characters to die in MST.

      They did a movie set between Seasons 6 and 7 (right after Frank's death), that was my introduction to the series and I found their commentary on the movie (This Island Earth) entertaining.

      Have you ever played Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

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    • Aw thanks! That means a lot. You’re cool to talk with as well and I still wonder if we had crossed paths earlier and just didn’t realize it. 

      Oh cool! Thanks. And that’s interesting. They did a movie as well?

      Im afraid not. I don’t play video hands much. I assume you’re a big fan, yes?

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    • Second paragraph: Yes, although episodes are just as long, but the "host segments" are formatted a little differently.

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    • I see. Was it released in theaters?

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    • I don't know, I first saw it on VHS. I have it on DVD now.

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    • Alright. Thanks.

      Got home today, so I wrote the next chapter, and it's up now. Please let me know what you think!

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    • Definitely getting interesting with the whole Seventh Stone stuff. And I no longer have to feel frustrated whenever anyone talks about killing Thanos, coz they did in Endgame. And I'm guessing they will in your story too. I look forward to reading the rest of it when you write it.

      Final episode of Game of Thrones came on today. Jon Snow kills Daenerys, the last dragon carries her body away and lives on somewhere, they change the system a bit and his cousin Bran - who knows everything - becomes king. Hopefully now the Seven Kingdoms will see a better time than it has in years, having previously been under rulers who were mad, drunk, sadistic, weak, and tyrannical.

      But pretty much all the major villains are dead (except one who reformed three seasons ago, one who turned into an eagle five seaons ago, one who disappeared in like Season 3, and one who was forced to stand down two seasons ago), and it looks like there will be peace in the Seven Kingdoms. So, overall a decent ending to the series after all this time.

      Daenerys was the only death in the final episode. Peter Dinklage survives. :)

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    • Thanks! And of course Thanos will die. I already know who I want to kill him as well. Thanks, man. And thanks for reading. Do you think I wrote Eitri okay in the recent chapter?

      Oh wow. Interesting. Were you said she was turned evil and killed?

      That's good. Any chance of a sequel or a prequel show?

      That's good! What does his character do now?

      Do you like the background on here? I do, I think the movie should be okay, hopefully.

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    • I think so.

      A bit, though I know lots of popular characters die in Game of Thrones so I can at least expect dark stuff from it (where I want things to end all right for the Mane 6), and it was still a better ending than I expected since I thought the original evil queen would win.

      There has been specualtion of a sequel show where the next generation has an evil villain who rises to power somehow and then more stuff going on. Though they got instructions on Seasons 6-8 from the books' author, who stopped writing them past Book 5 and takes FOREVER to write new books, they're not as popular as the show due to being slow, jumping around and leaving us waiting the whole next chapter after a cliffhanger ending to a chapter, etc. and he's sure he'll die before he finishes the books, if ever.

      Peter Dinklage - Tyrion - is now Hand of the King (pretty much Bran's second in command), he reassembles a Council of his allies, and they rebuild the damage the villains caused.

      I think it's pretty cool. I hope the movie is good, though I doubt there'll be a Return of Jafar so Jafar will probably just stay sealed in the lamp forever, and Iago to die of starvation in there. Unless Iago pulls a Lefou and reforms early, and they destroy the lamp to prevent Jafar's return.

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    • Thanks. Chapter 10 was put up last night and I'll try to have chapter 11 up tonight. Oh and I added an avatar on there too! Thanks for your help on that.

      Right and that's good to hear. When does the last MLP episode come on?

      Wow. That's interesting. So I guess you just have to wait to see if the sequel happens then?

      Oh that's good! Speaking of him, do you think we'll ever see Eitri again in the MCU?

      Same here. I hope to watch it this weekend and I'm expecting it will be alright. That's right, they'll probably just trap Jafar in the lamp at the end, I think like in the original.

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    • I'll read that in a minute.

      I don't know, it seems tradition for all TV shows except Game of Thrones to do a mid-season hiatus now, I estimate September or October. I just need to survive this summer without my house being hit by a tornado or something leaving me on the streets to die in winter with one or two items still on my bucket list.

      Not sure, but for now it has excellent closure.

      I don't know. Maybe they might return to Nidavellir at some point in Guardians 3, since Thor, Rocket, and Groot are Guardians of the Galaxy and they were there last time. Or maybe Strange will go there.

      At least Gaston didn't need a sequel to fall to his doom, even though the live-action one didn't do that hilarious squeal. No one falls like Gaston - not even Gaston! And they DID have Shere Khan fall into the fire like Gregory Goyle and Gregor Clegane

      Edit: Read the next chapter. I figured you'd be bringing Hela back, Loki never occurred to me somehow, I bet a lot of fans were angry when Thanos strangled him, especially since he reformed for real in Ragnarok. This will definitely be interesting, even though Hela won't be quite as powerful as she was in Ragnarok without Asgard, but she was still pretty powerful on Earth.

      Spelling correction: "Hela seemed almost in shock after hearing that has next to one one had ever reached out to her before" should be "as next to no one"

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    • Thanks! Do you like the avatar I chose? :p

      Alright. Thanks. Oh man, don't think like that! You don't live in some hazardous area or something, do you? If not, then I wouldn't worry about it.

      That's good to hear.

      Maybe. I guess we'll just wait and see for now.

      LOL! And that's right. I heard they're adding some new characters in the film, so maybe they'll change up Jafar's defeat somehow? What do you think of Will Smith in the role of Genie btw?

      Oh awesome! Oh yeah! Her return was part of my headcanon I typed out on your blog here back in March, so of course I had to include her and have a seen where Carol reaches out to her. And villain redemptions are stories I'm a big fan of as well. And I thought Loki should come back, so that's why I had him arrive in Hel afterwards. That's true, but Hela should still be a valuable ally when the final battle comes. 

      It's fixed now. Thanks for spotting that and reading my fanfic! 

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    • It's pretty cool.

      I live in an area that's generally pretty safe from disasters, but you never know where a tornado might appear on a hot and windy day, and it's been pretty windy most days lately. Though we've seen some windy thunderstorms with no tornadoes, as long as it rains during those it should be fine. It's just this is the last thing I've been waiting for and the last thing on my bucket list.

      Aladdin - We'll see how Will Smith does as the Genie. I mainly knew him as Jay on Men in Black. I know a lot of people don't expect him to live up to Robin Williams's performance, but we'll see.

      Speaking of villain redemptions, people are sure they might NOT reform Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow, that they were just teasing us with a fake redemption and showing that while they are capable of experiencing friendship, they also have the will (or stubbornness) to reject it whenever they feel it, and that it was played more for comedy than foreshadowing. So the Chrysalis thing remains a mystery until fall...

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    • Thanks! Chapter 11 was put up last night fyi.

      Oh I see,I see.That is true.I hate bad weather like that too. Hurrcaines and snow can be such a pain and so I understand what you mean. Right, well hopefully you'll be able to see it soon enough then.

      Agreed. Plus he looks really funny in the Genie form as well!

      Oh man. Really? That sucks. Maybe they'll just kill Chrysalis instead since she's the last of your Mystery Six? 

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    • I'll get right at that. And it does seem like a good alternative to Endgame for anyone disappointed with it, something that could easily fit into headcanon.

      Yeah, we get blizzards sometimes too. But so far the place where I live hasn't seen a tornado so hopefully that streak won't be broken.

      Chrysalis - Maybe. They seem to want to tie up all remaining loose ends since they just reformed a minor villain that was introduced before Chrysalis in the middle of Season 2. I'm guessing either Chrysalis reforms or Grogar kills her because she, Tirek, and Cozy Glow are planning to betray him. Cozy Glow will probably survive though, because even though she's as diabolical as Chrysalis and Tirek, showing a cute filly dying onscreen might be too graphic, even compared to the Mane 6's evil clones.

      But if you like redemptions, MLP is full of them. Sombra and the Storm King are the only main villains to die (yet, I'm at least predicting Grogar will be added to that list), but they reformed Nightmare Moon, Discord, Starlight Glimmer, the Pony of Shadows, and Chancellor Neighsay. Along with a bunch of minor villains like Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Gilda, Trixie, and, more recently, Garble.

      Edit: Read it. Will surely be an interesting battle with the Black Order back. Though, now Thanos is reviving the Black Order, any particular reason The Other isn't coming back? Sure, I wanted him to stay dead, but he is in canon, you can do whatever you want there and I'm sure you'd re-kill him too. (Also, the first sentence should be "Thanos sat on the throne".)

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    • Thanks! And that's the idea. I've gotten lots of views and good feedback so far. Not sure how many chapters I'm doing, but I plan to make it a somewhat long journey for character moments and things like that. And I think it's obvious where I'm taking Tony and Carol if you've read my headcanon on your blog here. lol

      Sounds good. Would be bad, I know. Imagine living near a volcano or something. Yikes.

      Alright. That sounds interesting. Let me know how it goes.

      Oh that sounds cool! Are you fan of them turning good?

      Thanks and totally! Oh yeah! I guess I could bring him back. Maybe I can write in another chapter Thanos revives The Other for his council or something like that? Sound good to you? And he probably would die again if I brought him back, yes. Though I also have this story posted on Archive of Our Own and someone is asking me to please make Midnight and Glaive good. How the heck would that work, you think? And got it. Thanks. I'll take care of it.

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    • Redemptions - All depends on the villain. Quite often it can be good, especially if it's one that's fun enough to have around or has shown hints of a less evil side. Example being Discord for instance, he was based off Q from Star Trek (even is voiced by John de Lancie) and they reform him, though he remains a little mischievous. And Loki as well. Sunset Shimmer of the Equestria Girls (human ponies) series became a fan-favorite after her redemption from one of the most hated villains, sealing it for me with an adorable moment with a kitten, as well as making all the difference in defeating a trio of sirens. Of course when it comes to the more sinister, menacing ones, or just pure evil, I want to see them dead.

      I'm not sure, but you love redemptions so I'm sure you can figure something out. Their final scene in Endgame implies they are in love, maybe you could use that somehow. Maybe Thanos leaves one of them for dead or something, or they realize Thanos wiped out half the world's resources too, or something. You can probably make it work better than I would, a few of the corrections aside you're probably better at writing than me.

        Loading editor
    • Oh I see! That makes sense.  Do you think Kylo Ren should be redeemed?

      Good ideas! Thanks. Don't know if I will or not redeem them yet, but I'll see. And thanks. I'm sure your writing is awesome.

      And chapter 12 is up!

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    • Probably. He did hesitate to kill Leia, even after killing Han, and Darth Vader reformed. I expect redemption from him (they even hinted at it when explaining why Snoke was killed so early, even if he doesn't want to go down that path atm). But nothing in the sequel trilogy might mean anything to me anymore unless it turns out Palpatine is a clone. I'm not going to let them take away my favorite villain death. With Sombra it didn't matter coz the end result was the same, but the combination of falling and technicolor was awesome and rare. (Masters of the Universe I heard sucked)

      I read Chapter 12. Pretty good, I love that you referenced Killian a bit, he was one of my favorite villains. But you might want to split that long paragraph at some parts so it's easier to read. I'd start new paragraphs at "Right after Bruce's return", "And he had managed to patch things up with the old Captain too", and "He also regretted pushing Nat away".

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    • That's right. Will be interesting if he does. Maybe he sacrfices himself to stop Sheev or something? Or it could still be the Sith spirit thing. What's Masters of the Universe about?

      Thanks! Oh same. I though Killain was an amazing villain, and that's why I referenced him cause at the time he was probably most personal villain for Tony before Thanos imo. Do you like they're going back to Xandar? Good idea! It's been fixed. Thanks.

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    • Someone else mentioned it talking about Palpatine's return. It's a live-action movie of the animated series, He-Man. The main villain, Skeletor, dies in a similar way to Palpatine, so he suggested that I use that to satisfy me for a "falling into reactor core" death. But I heard that movie was poorly received. I might still try it though, people also hated Thor: The Dark World and Hudson Hawk.

      Yeah, he is one of my favorite villains too. I always thought he was underrated because of the whole Mandarin plot twist thing they hated, he definitely felt interesting and compelling, and he had the flair people think he lacked. Also the fact that he breathes fire, and an interesting change from Iron Man villains in that he doesn't have a suit, but is super-powered. Xandar will be interesting, I hope Rhomann Dey is still alive. They never specified his status.

      I'm guessing Thanos killed half the Xandarians just like with the Asgardians when he took the Stones. Did he consider the fact that once he snaps his fingers, half of the REMAINING half will die as well, leaving only a quarter of the original? Things like that make it mercifully harder to sympathize with him. Plus the Asgardians were doing just fine even though they live for thousands of years, they were wiser than the Titans.

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    • Oh I see! Thanks! I would. I obviosuly don't agree with the popular opionins very much either. Lol

      I agree! I'm very upset Disney annoucned recently they plan to use this "real Mandarin" sometime in a future film. Like could they disrespect Iron Man 3 anymore than they have already? Oh yeah! Chaper 13 is up now, let me know what you think!

      I agree. His motives are odd for sure. That's why I thought he was an amazing villain in IW for all the deep layers he had. Like how does he know Tony's name and things like that.

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    • Actually, I looked deeper into it, I was just about to order it on Amazon, but turns out there was water at the bottom of the pit instead of energy or electricity, and Skeletor survived that. So it wouldn't be worth trying out for a "falling into reactor core" death.

      Read Chapter 13. Spelling correction: "Luckily, me and Nova Prime were on the side that survived." Also "You always knew how to calm me down." Other than that, pretty good, love the reference back to Thor saying he won his fight with the Hulk, which he would have if Grandmaster hadn't intervened.

      The plot of Aladdin is up. It sounds similar to the original, with a few changes here and there. Want me to tell you if Jafar's fate is changed from the original film?

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    • Oh I see. Not getting it then?

      Thanks! Took care of it now. Thanks. I wanted to reference that and all. And chapter 14 is now up!

      Oh cool! And yes go head.

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    • No. The movie sounded unpopular, and it didn't even have a real "fall into reactor core/pit of energy" death to make up for it and satisfy this burning flame. I know I've still got Megatron from Beast Wars/Beast Machines and Thantos from Twitches, and Megatron was pretty long-running himself, but Palpatine's was still the most awesome. At least a lot of people already felt the sequel trilogy ruined the series for them.

      Read it. Again, it feels believable enough for anyone to use as an alternative. But of course, one particular line just reminded me, for it to truly be an alternative to go by, you'll have to give "Watcher Informant" a cameo appearance sooner or later.

      His fate is the exact same as in the original movie. As I doubt there'll be a sequel, he'll probably just stay there in this version.

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    • Got it. I'm still okay with the sequel trilogy overall, but I will be very upset if Disney does some stupid crap in this finale. What's the worst thing they could do besides letting Sheev live in your opinion?

      Thanks! That's the idea. Oh of course! Which line reminded you of that? And what did you think of Rocket and Carol making fun of Ronan and Korath? And do you like where I'm taking Tony and Carol in the story?

      Sounds good. I'm sure since the sequel was direct to DVD and all. When are you gonna see it? I will probably see it this weekend.

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    • Ending it on cliffhanger showing another Empire will rise from the ashes of the First Order, or worse, the First Order NOT being defeated.

      The line about him cutting Thor's hair. It was pretty cool.

      I'm not sure I will. It won't feel the same knowing Jafar won't end up the same way as Return of Jafar, as opposed to Gaston. I might rent it on Shaw when it comes out on DVD.

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    • Oh yeah. For sure. Let's hope they don't screw up. 

      Oh yeah! Thanks! Chapter 15 is up now fyi.

      Alright. Sorry to hear that, man. Do you just liking seeing villains die? I mean, that fate for Jafar might be worse than death depending upon how you look at it.

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    • I have little faith in them at this point.

      Read it. Still interesting.

      It depends on the villain, but it's my preference especially with family-friendly fantasy movies and stuff. It's been one of my biggest interests ever since watching Sailor Moon at a young age.

      MLP was a special case at this point in my life coz it had lovable and relatable characters (and some tail-related stuff with them, I love tails too), then when the really evil villains came along, I wanted at least one in the show to prove it didn't think itself too childish like G3, which we got twice with Sombra and might get again with Grogar. And I kinda needed it in the movie with the Storm King too (which we got) so it'd feel climactic enough to do the movie justice and feel like a classic Disney movie, they just don't do them like they used to (seem to prefer killing family members of the hero or redeemed villains now).

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    • I know that feeling.

      Thanks! Chapter 16 is now up.

      Oh I see. That makes sense.

      Alright. That makes sense. And that is true. Do you like the Wreck It Ralph movie btw?

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    • Read it.

      If you mean the original Wreck-It Ralph movie, yes. Love the appearance of video game characters in it and the final unreformed Disney villain death (not counting the live-action movies), as well as it being by lava, and him feeling compelling. And all the comical snack references. For the second one, I haven't seen it.

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    • Thanks! Still good so far, I hope?

      I see! Are you planning on watching the second one sometime?

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    • Yes. It feels long enough to be a movie itself. (again, don't forget the Stan Lee cameo before the end, it just seems respectful since Endgame was his last official cameo. Though you don't have to refer to him by name, in fanfiction it might be more effective to just describe him so they know who he is, like when you mentioned his Ragnarok cameo)

      Probably not. I did give Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, and Moana a chance. Frozen wasn't terrible but wasn't great either, hopefully its sequel is good enough to win me over. Big Hero 6 didn't interest me much. Zootopia and Moana were kinda fun to watch once but not much rewatch value to me, though Zootopia does have my respect for one thing, plus has the coolest villain imprisonment since Hades.

      Have you ever seen the Swan Princess movies? (the original three 2D animated movies were really good, they're not Disney but they're like classic Disney movies)

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    • Cool! Thanks! Chapter 17 is up now. Put something in this one you might like. Sounds good. Don't worry. I will. 

      I see. I can understand that. I see. Do you like Pixar's sequels?

      I have not. Are they good? I've seen clips of it, I think.

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    • Read it. 17's my favorite number btw, a fitting chapter to revive The Other. (even though I'd have felt the opposite of such an event in canon, but as I'm going by Endgame and just reading this for fun, it's really cool here) And I see you found a way to make it not seem pointless to anyone else.

      Hmmm... Toy Story 2 I think was my favorite of the three existing films. Incredibles 2 I didn't care for as much as the first, really disappointed the Underminer got away even though he wasn't the main villain of the movie.

      They are, if you like the classic Disney movies, since they're similar to them. They have some pretty good songs, some comical moments (usually involving a frog who thinks he's a prince and a turtle named Speed), some epic chase scenes, and some pretty big final battles with the villains.

      Btw, so I heard Loki really is getting a spinoff TV series, I bet it's set in the 2012 altered timeline where he escapes with the tesseract. Of course there'll be a Thanos and The Other still alive in that timeline as well, and the entire course of The Dark World and Ragnarok will go differently, but I'm satisfied the main Thanos and The Other are dead, and so is the 2014 alternate timeline Thanos, presumably the other The Other as well if he was on the ship.

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    • Thanks! And that’s the idea. I put chapter 18 up last night. Someone left some “guest reviews” last night saying I don’t know how to write and that I come from Wattpad or whatever (don’t have even an account there). Should. I delete them? Seems pretty unnecessarily  rude imo to leave comments like that. 

      Oh I see   That makes sense. What do you think of Cars 2?

      Oh cool! Thanks for letting me know  I’ll try and check them out sometime  

      Probably, yeah. Guess we’ll see when it comes out whenever it does. 

        Loading editor
    • Probably, they're just being mean.

      I started watching Cars 1 in French class, I couldn't really get into it. It just wasn't fun.

      Read Chapter 18, I see you have a plan for how you'll reform Proxima Midngiht and Corvus Glaive. I know you plan to re-kill The Other, I'll wait and see where you'll go with Maw and Obsidian. Perhaps Maw is too loyal to Thanos like The Other, and Obsidian is more of the big mindless servant.

      Sorry I'm late, I was looking for more movies with main villains that fall into reactor cores or something similar. Didn't find anything on my search, but did find a few movies that sound interesting all the same: Dragonheart, Prince Valiant, Second Son, and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

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    • My thougths exactly. I deleted them. Totataly not called for. Woudl never do that to anyone else, you know?

      Oh I see. That was a childhood favorite of mine, but Cars 2 kinda ruined the series for me.

      Awesome! Thanks! I think I wiil  reform them, probably. I do know Maw betrayed Thanos in the comics for power, so I suppose I could try that for a twist or something, though Thanos would easily kill Maw if that happens. Obsidian will probably not being reformed since he's a mindless servant like you said.

      And chapters 19 and 20 are up now!

      Oh no worries! Cool! I've heard of most iof those.And you want movies where they die similair to Sheev then?

      And I saw live action Aladdin today! Thought it was pretty good and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it when you rent it.

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    • I know.

      Ah, I know that feeling. At least any sequels that feel detached enough, I can ignore. Seasons 7 and above of 24, anything past the original trilogies of Indiana Jones or The Swan Princess, anything past Super Paper Mario (for the Paper Mario series), The Boondock Saints 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and of course, more recently, the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

      I'm watching How to Train Your Dragon 3 right now, I'll get at Chapters 19 and 20 after that.

      Edit: I paused for a bit to read them. Turns out I read Chapter 20 thinking it was 18. Interesting to see the Collector and Grandmaster are still alive here (it is worth noting both of them may have been killed in canon but it wasn't actually confirmed). You'll want to change "Collator" to "Collector" and, in the following paragraph, "threated" to "threatened".

      Yes I do. Or rather, similar to how Sheev doesn't, officially, but by my headcanon he does coz I'm ignoring the sequel trilogy. The only other ones I know of are Megatron from Beast Wars/Beast Machines, Casanova Frankenstein from Mystery Men, Rez from Gex, Thantos from Twitches, and some mook (a giant) from The Neverending Story II.

      It'll probably be fun to watch once at the least, even though we won't get a spectacular death for Jafar this time around.

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    • Thanks, bro.

      Oh yeah. Great examples. Like Tomb of the Dragon Emperor for example as well.

      Thanks! What did you think of that movie?

      Oh I see! Thanks for reading! Oh I know, but since they're brothers I wanted to have a scene with them and all. Thanks. It's beem taken care of now.

      And now, chapter 21 is up!

      I see. If I can think of anymore, I'll let you know.

      Right, unless they do a sequel? You never know, Disney might.

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    • I haven't seen Tomb of the Dragon Emperor but I hear it's awful.

      How are the third and fourth Dragonheart movies? Are they any good? They don't have as much info on them as the first two, indicating they may not be as good. I can expect good things from the first two at least. We need more movies with dragons in a protagonistic role.

      Speaking of which... How To Train Your Dragon is all right.

      I figured they were brothers, they look pretty similar and mainly go by a title. Though we know the Collector's real name, Grandmaster's never been referred to by any other name.

      Palpatine style deaths - I was hoping you'd know some already. Again, none of the ones that caught my interest yesterday have it.

      Aladdin - I hope so, though they don't consider Return of Jafar part of "Disney Animated Canon", even though it IS canon. At least to anyone who wants it to be. It doesn't sound like the movie was too well received though, with about a 50% rating, and reviewers said it would be more entertaining to watch the original again instead.

      Read the new chapters. It should say "My Ant friend here has something he needs to tell you". Other than that, pretty good, looks like the final battle may be near?

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    • It is to me, yes. I just let the series end for me with The Mummy Returns. It already feels like a good conclusion imo.

      I don't think I've seen those, but I guess they have their fans. You like dragons a lot, yes?

      That's good. Part 3 wasn't really my favorite, but I'm glad you liked it more than me.

      Oh yeah, for sure! lol That's true, but according to the comics he's named "En Dwi Gast".

      Maybe. I watched a lot of animated shows growing up, so let me try and recall some memoires and I'll try and let you know.

      That's true. Still weird, but I guess we'll just wait and see. I guess so, but obvious don't agree with the Endgame reception lol and I just go see and judge for myself. After all, The Mummy Returns doens't have great reviews either and we both think highly of that one. 

      Thanks. Just fixed that. Awesome! And yes. I guess you saw I just put up chapter 22, yes? I hope you liked that one.

      As for the final battle, it's only a couple of chapters away. I think you already know I'll have an epic fight between Carol and Thanos. LOL

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    • Yeah. If something feels like a good conclusion and anything that follows just isn't fun, ignore the ones that just aren't fun. Movies are there for entertainment, after all. I also did so with Season 2 of Digimon, if you've seen that. Plus, apparently it's in continuity with a game, which revived one of the main villains who, according to Season 2, was still "alive" in a sense at this point and inside a person between his "death" and the end of Season 2. This tears through the very fabric of Season 2, and plus, Myotismon's death in Season 1 was clearly meant to be final, and I feel more relaxed just going by Season 1 and Parts 1 and 2 of the movie, and Season 2 was never really fun for me.

      Yes. That's actually how my dad got me to watch Game of Thrones. That and Peter Dinklage being in it, it was so soon after he killed my two Mystery Six from X-Men. It felt like a sign of respect to him.

      Aside from all the dragons flying around, I at least like the Light Fury, and the scenes between her and Toothless. Also Grimmel feels like quite a compelling villain. Going to finish it when I get off the computer next. So far second film is my favorite. I think Drago drowned when that big dragon dove underwater with him, as he only has one arm.

      I've probably seen every 2D animated movie that has killed its main villain. All Disney movies that did, the Swan Princess trilogy, Quest for Camelot, Anastasia, We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story, Osmosis Jones, Titan AE, My Little Pony: The Movie, Hey Arnold: The Movie, etc. And probably every animated TV show that would as well, short of anime, and the only anime I might be interested in that I haven't seen yet is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

      That is true enough. Again, Thor: The Dark World, Hudson Hawk, and Inuyasha for me. Though, from what I can tell it's basically the same as the original, just live-action and sequel-less, so I might not get a whole lot out of it without a death scene for Jafar, like I did with Beauty and the Beast. But, you found it enjoyable and I respect that.

      Was pretty good.

      I expect Iron Man and Black Widow to play a part too, since their deaths were more of your big issues with the movie. Is Gamora going to be revived? I'd kinda like to see her and Romanoff fighting alongside each other, though if you weren't planning on it, don't go out of your way for it. But of course Carol being the most powerful should obviously fight Thanos.

      Edit: Read Chapter 23

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    • Agreed. I had to do that for a Star Wars game series that got ruined by a book and then an online game. Was truly upsetting. lol Wow. That's a lot and pretty confusing. lol

      Oh I see. Very cool! Ever seen the Eragon movie?

      Oh yeah. What did you think of the mom in part 3? Imo she seemed underused.

      Woah. That's a lot! Did you like most of them?

      Well, thanks for that. That's good we can still be friends despite disagreeing on a few things. My views on Endgame have caused me to be blacklisted and bullied by a few people, though it's not like they're strong moral charaters or anything, so it doesn't bother me too much. LOL

      Thanks! And thanks for reading like always! Only handful of chapters left,

      Oh of course. You'll see Tony fufill his destiny and Nat will play a big role as well. Well, I will say I am planning on reviving Gamora, but maybe after the battle and they take the Soul Stone to Vormir and bring her back. And since I'm not killing Nat obviously, it will lead the door open for them to fight along side each other in the future. I hope that sounds good to you. Absolutely! After all, I'm clearing take her some where in the story with her being on a team of actual good and caring people that will make sense if you know my headcanon from your blog I typed on here. And I kept her having the long hair the whole time too. :P I mean that's why I'll mention a description of what she looks like every few chapters and so. Personal preference and all. I'm sure you understand you know what I mean.

      Thanks! Posted it last night and then went to straight to bed, so I was gonna bring it up now, but it looks like you were one step ahead! lol Hoped you liked that one!

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    • Yeah. To probably help explain it better: Myotismon is the main villain of the third arc. He is seemingly destroyed, but his fog barrier only gets stronger, he survives in spirit form and absorbs most of his remaining minions to transform into VenomMyotismon. After a fight, he is destroyed in an awesome scene and this time there is no trace remaining of him and his fog goes away, indicating he is defeated for good.

      Later, around the time of Season 2, a game was released in which another villain who definitively died APPARENTLY survived long enough to merge with another villain who was later "first created" by Ken in the show, into Millenniumon, who revives Myotismon, who is re-killed. Season 2 directly references the game, and the end of the season reveals that Myotismon survived in spirit form once again after his death as VenomMyotismon (which was Season 1), and was inside Oikawa the entire time until he revived himself again. He's later re-killed for good, but it all really doesn't make sense and the only logical explanation is that Season 2 and the games are non-canon, and therefore Myotismon's death as VenomMyotismon was his final death, as it was clearly intended to be.

      I've seen Eragon. It was all right, nothing special in the long run. Maybe if Saphira looked more dragonlike and they'd gotten a sequel, but I understand why people say "don't watch this movie if you've read the book". The same is true of The Shannara Chronicles, which I found more fun. It deviates from the book a lot but if you haven't read them (and don't mind ultraviolence too much) it's quite an enjoyable show.

      Yeah, she kinda did. I forgot Cate Blanchett did her voice.

      Most of them. Not a huge fan of DuckTales the Movie or Atlantis: Milo's Return.

      It is always important to respect differing opinions, which a true friend will do, and is often a message in MLP. In turn I appreciate you not giving me a hard time for liking the movie. Just like Screwball disliked the MLP Season 9 premier for bringing Sombra back without any sympathetic backstory only to kill him again, as well as his new voice, where it's my favorite episode.

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    • Thanks! Great explantions like always!

      Same here. Weird they never did a sequel. And I'll have to check that out. Thanks,

      Oh yeah. That's right.

      Oh why is that?

      Of course.Too bad more people don't  think like us! lol

      And chapter 24 is up!

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    • I'll just headcanon that Galbatorix's dragon - which is more of a slave than a true dragon partner - got fed up with him and incinerated him with a blast of flame while he was vulnerable after Durza's death.

      DuckTales and Milo's Return - They just lacked the fun of a lot of them. The Princess and the Frog and Anastasia were two I got into more recently than a lot of them and they were pretty high on my list. My favorites of course are Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, and Mulan. And Wreck-It Ralph if we're counting CGI. Sleeping Beauty was a little boring at times but made up for it with one of the most epic final battles in Disney history, up there with Scar and Jafar.

      A lot of people in the pony fandom did, but ever since Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn in early 2013 it changed a bit and there are less people like us in there. There are still a few though, like Dragon Geek, you and her are probably my best friends on internet. And if you told me you liked that they were bringing back Palpatine I wouldn't let that damage our friendship either.

      Read it. Spelling correction: "Until Thanos isn't alive anymore" Other than that, pretty good, and looking forward to the next chapter with the final battle. (As for The Other, remember his power is super speed. You don't have to do this but it'd be fun to hear him sigh once for a pun on "The other side")

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    • Sounds good to me. That's what headcanons are for, after all.

      Got it. Thanks. Great list fyi.

      I see. Too bad about that. And thanks, you're a great interent friend as well. Too bad we didn't cross paths sooner. And thanks for that. lol I'm still not sure about that yet.

      Thanks.Took care of it. Oh thanks! I will include him again so he can be re killed, so thanks for that. And lol!

      Chapter 25 is up!

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    • I forgot to mention my favorite non-Disney animated movies: The Swan Princess (original trilogy), Quest for Camelot, Anastasia, and My Little Pony: The Movie

      There were a few others on the pony forums but they disappeared. One of them was even into a few things I REALLY dislike but we shared a common clean interest and he was fun to talk to. He ragequit MLP and left the site when Season 9 announced the Mane 6 would rule Equestria, thinking there was no way it would work. Hopefully you don't disappear sometime either. Dragon Geek hasn't been on in a few days, maybe she's just on a holiday.

      Read it. Correction: "When my sword is through your neck"

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    • Oh cool! Ever seen The Land Before Time movies? I always found the timeline for those so confusing.

      Oh that sucks. I think I remember you telling me that a few months when we first met. Oh I wouldn't do that without telling you or anything. Don't worry. And right. Hopefully she'll be back soon.

      Thanks! And taken care of. Chapter 26 is up now.

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    • I've seen up to 7, The Stone of Cold Fire, which is my favorite one. I noticed that the cave where Pterano, Rinkus, and Sierra camp in the thunderstorm, and later where Rinkus and Sierra crash to presumably die after the Stone's explosion, looks similar to the one the Hulk took Betty to... and they're both in an area called Smoking Mountains, or something along those lines. Does that mean The Land Before Time is MCU? After all, that same film has aliens too.

      It is pretty much summer, where people go on vacations. Well, not quite, but she's taking courses at college so she might have finished them already, or else is just really busy with it or something. She also has an interest in tails btw, though she has a bigger interest in wings. Both in a clean way, and she's also into MCU, but doesn't like stuff more violent or mature than that.

      Was a pretty fun chapter. As soon as Obsidian went up aganst Hela and Valkyrie I'm like "He's doomed." And good to see them fighting together now. Still wondering where you're gonna have Proxima and Corvus switch sides. I think of the four, from favorite to least favorite: Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian. I hope The Other is in the next chapter, and remember his super speed. (too bad Quicksilver's not still around, he could fight him)

      Have you ever seen Hellboy? I'm thinking of trying it out too, maybe today coz it's on Netflix, though the second sounds more interesting with an elf prince as the villain who reminds me of Malekith. Though my uncle liked that movie and he also liked the Dark Knight trilogy and Legend, both of which I disliked, but I'm pretty sure there are movies we both like.

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    • Oh wow! Hadn't though of that before! Nice observation there! And not sure.

      I see. That's cool. How long have you known her?

      Thanks! For sure! He's just a mindless dude, so not a lot there for him other than a death by Hela's sword. lol You got that right! It will tie in at the end on how Thor's story will be at the end of this. Oh yeah. You'll see pretty soon! Good list. Mine would be Midnight, Maw, Obsidian, and Glaive. He is! Cause Chapter 27 is up! And oh yeah. I miss Quicksilver too.

      Yep. I am a fan of the first two, though I didn't like the reboot that came out last month at all. And that's cool!

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    • I realized it when I was writing my transcripts for all the MCU movies. I did them all for Star Wars (1-6), Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Fox, Digimon Tamers, Sonic, X-Men (only the new trilogy), MLP (only villain episodes), and MCU. That way I can make quick reference to check something I'm not sure about.

      Since January 2018. And when I went back there to check when our first conversation started, guess what? She's back. :)

      Read it. I think the paragraph with "Kill them all" should be part of the previous paragraph, since both contain Thanos dialog. Also when the army arrives, you said Kraglin twice. Otherwise, pretty good. Pretty fast death for The Other (no pun intended), which is quite his style. Also 27 is another of my favorite numbers.

      So, another inferior reboot. Thanks for letting me know.

        Loading editor
    • Oh that's awesome! How long does it take you to make one of those on average?

      Oh that's cool! And very nice! I've had some friend come from as early as 2013 (the year I joined Wikia) everyone once and a while too,

      Thanks! Taken care of now. Oh cool! Did you like his death okay? And that's very cool as well!

      Chapter 28 is up now! Can't wait to hear your thougths on this one!

      Well, that's what I think, anyway. We obviouslly don't agree on every movie, after all. lol

        Loading editor
    • Depends on what else I have to do that day, and how fun it is to write it. About a day or two. I've gotten them all done except the obvious: Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. Guardians of the Galaxy was probably the fastest coz I memorized a lot of their exchanges.

      Third paragraph - It was pretty cool, reminds me of another evil speedster's death scene in Legends of Tomorrow.

      Correction: Hela threw several swords. And "Oh yes. Your death." And "He supposed he should have seen it coming." Other than that, pretty good, and you found a good way to reform Proxima and Corvus. I figured it'd either be Iron Man or Captain Marvel who killed Thanos, I knew one of the two would work best for you.

      A lot of new releases these days that aren't Marvel aren't very good. At best, average. I expect the original Hellboy to be fun, and I'll start watching it now. (Ordered the second one on Amazon)

        Loading editor
    • Oh I see! Very cool! That's awesome, bro!

      Oh that's good!

      Thanks. Fixed now. And I'm glad you liked it! Probably my favorite chapter to write. Did you like duel between Carol and Thanos? That was my favorite part of the chapter other than Tony killing him. I did. I think it made sense well enough. And you were right! I always thought Tony should be the one to do it. But since Carol helped with that, she will earn a special place on the team for my last chapter. Only a few more to go!

      And chapter 29 is up!

      That is true. Very sad it's like that. I've only seen 3 or 4 good movies this year in theaters. And that's good to hear! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. 

        Loading editor
    • Read it. Looking forward to the next chapter.

      I'm about a third of the way through it and it's looking pretty good so far. Reminds me of Anastasia - Rasputin is the villain, dies in the prologue, returns in the main story.

      Edit: Finished the first movie. Second one's on its way, I'm looking forward to it. My favorite part is the cats, how many Hellboy has in his room and then the part where he protects some kittens while fighting Sammael.

      And I read Chapter 30. Was pretty entertaining.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks!

      Oh that’s cool.

      Oh yeah! I remember. I’m glad you liked it. I think Ron Perlman was an awesome Hellboy for sure and I’m glad you liked it and I think you’ll like the second one. Just know it sucks cause they’ll never be a part 3. :(

      Oh thanks! I posted that last night and went straight to bed. Glad you liked it! Only about 1 or 2 chapters left to go. Thanks for reading!

        Loading editor
    • Hopefully two is entertaining enough. Again it sounds interesting since the villain reminds me of Malekith from what I know already. I hope the cats reappear, they're so adorable.

        Loading editor
    • I see. Sounds good, bro!

      Chapters 31 and 32 are up! Just the mid and post credit scene ones left.

        Loading editor
    • Read it. Correction: "While Ellis exited the oval office." And "Did you just say Mantis is my sister?" And "I ended Lady Sif's exile".

      I only saw Chapter 31 up there. But definitely taking an interesting turn, with Ross probably becoming the next Abomination and releasing Zemo, Abomination, and Hammer, almost reminds me of Grogar bringing Chrysalis, Sombra, Tirek, and Cozy Glow together in MLP (though Sombra got killed again so it's just Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow now).

        Loading editor
    • Thanks. Fixed now. Thanks for your help on this.

      For sure! And makes sense. Okay, do you see chapter 32 here?

        Loading editor
    • It's there now. Correction: "plane tickets".

      So, one more chapter? (remember the Stan Lee cameo, it kinds needs one to feel like a real alternative to Endgame, which was his last cameo. If it doesn't work for postcredits scene, maybe alter a chapter to sneak him in there. Keep it a relatively quick cameo, that was always his style)

        Loading editor
    • Thanks! It's taken care of now.

      Well, chapter 33 is up now (the mid credit scene one) and it has the cameo. :) 

      I didn't do the Luis narration cause I found too hard to write, so I think you'll like what I did instead.

      Just have to do the post credit scene one next and then I'm done.

        Loading editor
    • Read it. Correction: "who just sighed knowing he wouldn't get that money now". And for Chapter 34 "I have sat in the shadows" and "Latveria and me to reveal"

      So, I see it ends setting up not only Ross and the villains he set free, but Doom as well. Of course, since you made some big changes like reviving Hela, Loki, and Gamora, and sparing Tony and Natasha, you might have to come up with a new story for what happens with them. If you feel like it.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks! And fixed now. I appreciate your help in spotting errors like that during this all of this. Thanks for that!

      And I set up the Green Goblin in a previous chapter a while back. Lots of new enemies for the new team to fight. I might some time, but right now I kinda need a break since that was a LOT to write.

      Thanks for reading! I hope my version was pretty good to you. I hope the Stan Lee cameo worked for you. 

        Loading editor
    • Well, sounds like you'll just make the necessary modifications to the films released after. Maybe write a summary or even a transcript of them altering them to fit into your story.

      It was pretty good. Still going by Engdame as canon myself, and the Stan Lee cameo was perfect. Exactly the kind of cameo he'd do.

        Loading editor
    • Probably. I did set up for my version of Far From Home in the last chapter that it will take place in 2018 (cause I didn't do a time jump) and Peter in it will upset about it being the month Uncle Ben died three years ago instead of Tony being dead. 

      So good idea! Thanks!

      Thank you! Does it feel long enough to be a movie? And do you think it's a good alterative for people like me who didn't like the movie?

      And do have a favorite chapter by any chance?

        Loading editor
    • It did kinda feel long enough, and definitely a good alternative.

      Favorite chapter... Hard to say, a lot of them had some good points to them. Probably 26, Battle Inside The Compound.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks! That was my goal. If I do any more stories, I'll be sure to let you know if you want.

      Cool! I'm glad you liked that one. Personlly, I liked 28 and 32 the most for obvious reasons. lol

      Which character do you feel I did the best job on? I think you'll know I'll say Captain Marvel. Cause I gave her a big role, lots of team bonding and emotional moments, made her the new Avengers leader, and kept her long hair. ;p

        Loading editor
    • Pretty much all of them.

      So I saw Dragonheart 1 and 2, they were pretty good, couldn't really get into 3 or Seventh Son. Prince Valiant was all right.

        Loading editor
    • Well, thanks for that! I guess you knew I was gonna make Carol the new Avengers leader using that ending scene from Age of Ultron at the end, right? LOL

      Oh that's cool! Why's that?

      Have you ever seen the Sicario movies?

        Loading editor
    • Second paragraph: If you mean why I couldn't get into Seventh Son and Dragonheart 3, they just didn't feel as fun as the others. Even though the villain of the former has a long tail she uses as a weapon, and gets killed at the end.

      Never seen them.

        Loading editor
    • Got it. Thanks.

      Alright. What about The Hunger Games?

        Loading editor
    • I saw the first one. Might continue sometime, not super-high on my list, but I know President Snow gets taken down eventually.

      I don't know if I ever asked you this but have you ever seen the Tim Burton Batman movies? Including the third, Batman Forever, which wasn't by Tim Burton?

      And btw, the guy I thought disappeared, he's back, and gave Season 9 a chance.

        Loading editor
    • He does, yes.

      A long time ago. And I think so. And Batman and Robin....

      Oh that's good! Did he like it?

        Loading editor
    • Batman and Robin was the only one of the four I disliked, despite Arnold Schwarzenegger being in it. The other three were awesome IMO.

      Most of the episodes he thoroughly enjoyed, and the ones that weren't high on his list were still all right. Though he doesn't like the idea of Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow reforming, or the other Mane 5 becoming alicorns (ponies with unicorn horns and pegasus wings, which all princesses including Twilight Sparkle, the main character, are)

      While summer weather has arrived, it hasn't been really windy. Though we haven't been getting lots of rain either. We always get our precipitation in winter when we REALLY don't need it, but never in summer when we do.

        Loading editor
    • That's cool!

      I see. Do you agree with him on that?

      Oh that's too bad. I know what that's like sometimes.

        Loading editor
    • No. I mean, it might take a while to adjust to knowing they become alicorns at the end and we'll not get to see much of them as alicorns like we did with Twilight, but it'd still be kinda cool. And for Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow's redemption, is my second choice for Chrysalis and Tirek (first being death, though they might come bundled with Cozy Glow, except that she seemed the slightly friendlier of the three in addition to being a filly)

      I predict death for Grogar and redemption for the other three, but who knows? While the trio are capable of experiencing friendship, they also rejected it as soon as they did, seeing it as a disease.

        Loading editor
    • Got it. Makes sense.

      That's too bad. Why do they think like that?

        Loading editor
    • They've known villains like Discord reforming before now. When Tirek mentions him, Chrysalis sighs and says "Discord was really something, until friendship ruined him." They're for now determined to not follow his, Starlight, Stygian, and Luna's example. I guess they're too stubborn, but I predict they'll experience true friendship before the end. That, or Grogar kills Chrysalis and Tirek, and Cozy Glow either reforms or gets thrown back in Tartarus.

      Good news, we're finally getting some rain.

        Loading editor
    • Got it. Thanks.

      That's awesome!

        Loading editor
    • It didn't last long but we needed it.

      Also been watching a playthrough of Breath of the Wild, check this video out at 2:10:35 (actual moment is at 2:10:40 but you'll want a bit of a headstart)

      (that'd be a real fun death scene if it were to happen to a villain, though we did kinda get something similar with August Walker in Mission Impossible 6)

        Loading editor
    • That's too bad.

      Nice! That was pretty cool! And the laughing at the end of that was very funny!

        Loading editor
    • His playthrough has actually shown me a few things I never knew about the game. I probably don't need to go into detail though coz I'm sure you're not too familiar with it.

        Loading editor
    • Sure. I don’t mind. 

      Sorry for not really being active today. Starting  tomorrow I will be gone for almost 2 weeks and will have little to no internet connection during this time. I’ll try to respond when I can, but until then, see ya in a couple of weeks!

        Loading editor
    • See you when you get back. (let me know when you do)

      Edit: Dark Phoenix is out, reviews say it's terrible, and without giving any spoilers, it sounds very inconsistent with the revised future of Days of Future Past. This at least lets Riptide and Azazel stay dead, though they didn't appear in Dark Phoenix either way. Thus, Chrysalis is the only Mystery Six left still, unless Sombra gets revived again but I'm sure Grogar has no reason to do that - if he thinks the trio are on his side and working together, that should suffice, and if he knows they betrayed him, Sombra is more likely to assume command of them and lead the rebellion against him.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks! I'm back! 

      Haven't watched that one yet, but that's too bad to hear. I haven't really liked the X-Men movies anyway, but it's still sad to hear the state it's in these days.

      So how you been lately?

        Loading editor
    • Welcome back! :)

      You know how The Last Stand was considered worst X-Men film? People have said they enjoyed it more than Dark Phoenix. But it is the last in the original series, if they do another X-Men film it'll be a reboot set in the MCU.

      Pretty good. I tried out Xenoblade Chronicles, found it too hard so I returned it. MLP ends October 19th, so that will be the day the mystery of the Mystery Six is ended once and for all. Though Grogar is more likely to die than Chrysalis, as he is the ultimate evil and she is HINTED at reforming, unless it was a tease played for comedy.

      I saw Hellboy II, it was mostly pretty good. I wish the cats got as much screentime as the first film but at least they were there, and of course Hellboy really doesn't appreciate that troll eating cats and stops her from doing so. Final setting and battle were pretty cool, main villain Nuada felt compelling, in kind of a different way than Malekith. Krauss and Nuala were pretty cool too.

      Btw, I heard Toy Story 4, despite people's fears for it, received major positive reviews and is considered a good conclusion to the series. So, of the four "Top 10 hated upcoming movies" that have been released, here is one that's unfounded. Detective Pikachu and Alita: Battle Angel got mixed reviews, Murder Mystery got negative reviews.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks!

      I actually saw it today and didn't think it was all that bad. Just further proves to me how I don't seem to agree with the reviews for movies much anymore. Lol

      Oh cool! A bit of a wait there for that one.

      That's awesome! Too bad there's no part 3. : (

      Well, I sure hope so! I don't want to get upset over another Disney movie this year. Lol Are you going to see it when it comes out?

        Loading editor
    • Paragraph 3 - The end of a seven-year wait. Ever since the Season 2 finale came on when Chrysalis first appeared, I wasn't sure whether she fell to her death or not. After being absent for Seasons 3-5, I decided she was, then she turned up alive in Season 6, flew away once her army reformed, returned in Season 8 where she screwed up her revenge plan (the Mean 6), and now in Season 9 she's working for Grogar alongside Tirek and Cozy Glow, and planning to betray him to take over Equestria themselves. She rejected friendship twice already, but is capable of feeling it.

      Toy Story 4 - Will probably rent it on Shaw when it comes out on DVD. MIGHT do the same with Dark Phoenix.

        Loading editor
    • Got it. Thanks. 

      Sounds good. Look foward to hearing your thoughts on it! 

        Loading editor
    • Btw, September 5th they're releasing a MLP Guidebook that will say what happens in the final episode a month and two weeks before it comes out. The last Mystery Six will get a conclusion sooner than I expected. If I can just survive the summer without a big disaster...

        Loading editor
    • Cool! That sounds good, but why are they spoiling the show like that?

      BTW, do you like Fast and Furious? I useally don't, but I want to see Hobbs and Shaw when it comes out as it looks vert enteraining.

        Loading editor
    • Same reason they come out with novelizations of Disney movies a month before they come out, I guess. (I don't know)

      I've never seen any of them but I saw the trailer for Hobbs and Shaw at Avengers: Endgame and it does look interesting.

        Loading editor
    • Right. I guess you'll get it then?

      It does! Looks pretty funny too. I saw the first trailer for it when I saw Captain Marvel, and I knew right away it looked pretty good!

        Loading editor
    • Definitely. I'll have to be sure it's the right one first. Much like the one about the movie. "Unable to move, the Storm King fell back over the balcony and crashed to the ground below. The stone broke apart into a thousand tiny pieces."

      I might have to try out the Fast and Furious movies sometime too. Or at least the first one, I heard the ultimate antagonist runs off at the end of the last film but only the fourth, sixth, and eighth films relate to her.

        Loading editor
    • Sounds good! Do you have any MCU books?

      I'm not really sure. I've only seen the first one forever ago now. I know one of the main actors in the series died in a car crash a few years ago, so that's really sad.

        Loading editor
    • No. Though before Infinity War I did get two Marvel comics, The Thanos Imperative and Deadpool vs. Thanos. There, Deadpool and Thanos actually work together most of the time to save Death from Eternity or Infinity or something. In the end, Deadpool kills Thanos and is in turn killed by Doctor Doom. On the cover of the book, Deadpool says "I was joking, Marvel! I was joking when I said I wanted to fight Thanos!"

      I'm also interested to try out the Rush Hour trilogy, they sound interesting.

        Loading editor
    • Oh very cool! Sounds like a lot of fun. Are you gonna watch FFH? I guess I will, though you said I should type out a transcript to match my version of Endgame right (Peter upset over Uncle Ben instead of Tony, set in in 2018 instead of 2023 etc)?

      Oh yeah! I think they’re making a fourth one after like a decade or so now. Lol

      Ever watch the Cobra Kai YouTube series?

        Loading editor
    • I might, if I read they haven't set it up for a new Thanos to wait another several years I won't live to see the end of. And you probably should, or if not a transcript at least a summary that is similar. (My transcripts and likely DVD collection will likely stop at Endgame either way except in the case of Phase 4 movies I find really enjoyable on the DVD count)

      I saw The Fast and the Furious, it was all right but nothing special, I might find Rush Hour to be more fun, picked it up at Sunrise. Also tried out the Xenoblade Chronicles game for the Wii, ever heard of/played it?

      No I didn't. I might have heard of it though. What's it about? By Cobra Kai do you mean like from The Karate Kid?

        Loading editor
    • Alright, but that sound kinda grim there imo. Why do you think that? Right, I think I will. Thanks. Shoudln't been too much to change other than those two things I mentioned. And right. I'm not really sure if I should stick around with the MCU or go find another series. I hear The Conjuring is similiar in structure to the MCU, so I might go check that out. I fear they'll do things like kill T'Challa, make Carol old, and make Strange a big fat drunk in the future, so I don't know if I want to see history repeat itself. But I guess I'll just wait and see. What do you think I should do?

      Oh that's cool! And I have not. Is it fun?

      Yeah, from the movie! It's set about 30 years or so after the movie and it's abour Daniel and Johnny and their lives now. They still have some old hurt feelings with each other, which plays out through the show.

      And I saw Toy Story 4 today. Very interesting!

        Loading editor
    • Because a lot can happen in that time, people are getting stupider, and I fear the human race will be extinct from broken systems, natural disasters with no means of rebuilding your life if you survive, and people being compelled to make life inconvenient for no reason.

      The Conjuring, might be worth looking into. I found a new dragon-related movie, an old animated movie called The Flight of Dragons, where the main villain voiced by James Earl Jones is destroyed.

      So far Xenoblade Chronicles has been kinda fun. It's got the same fighting style as RuneScape or Diablo where when you target and battle an enemy, you attack each other automatically, it all comes down to who's the higher level and how many characters you have in your team, as well as using special techniques.

      That sounds interesting, I'd have to try it out. Coz Johnny and his gang disappeared after Miyagi saved him from Kreese in the second film. I thought they got on more friendly terms after Daniel won the tournament.

      Would you say their fears for it being bad were quite unfounded?

        Loading editor
    • Ah. Well, alright. I do agree with some of what you say. 2019 has been full of stupid so far who never shut up.

      I sure hope so. Getting invested in another franchise like I was with the MCU might be setting me up for more disappointment though. And that's awesome!

      Do you think they should have just introduced Captain Marvel after Endgame? Her role is next to nothing in it and there's other things they did to her in it that I simply do not like at all. They could even do her movie the same way, just be set in modern day and she could be the one to restore Nick's faith in superheroes. What do you think of that?

      That sounds cool! Is it on PC?

      It is! It's on Youtube, though it's part of the paid part of the site. And right, just they both still have some hurt feelings with each other?

      For me, yes. But it's possible you'll have a different reaction for it though. I thought it was pretty good.

        Loading editor
    • Third paragraph - Maybe.

      It's on Wii, that's all I know of. My favorite character just got killed as part of the story and now I only have two characters again.

        Loading editor
    • Well, obviouslly in my version there's no need for that. :p 

      Oh sorry to hear that. I know that feeling all too well.

        Loading editor
    • I hope I get a third character again soon, but whoever it is, even if they have the same useful Combo attack as her, they won't be quite the same...

      Also saw The Flight of Dragons, was all right.

        Loading editor
    • Right. Sorry to hear that. I feel your pain.

      That's good. What was that about?

        Loading editor
    • At least Shulk, the main character, has the powerful weapon now.

      It's about a guy who loves dragons named Peter Dickinson (the author of the book the film was based on) being sent back in time by a wizard to defeat a dark wizard (James Earl Jones) who plans to rule the world by infecting humans with fear and greed. While trying to save him from the dark wizard's cannibalistic dragon, the good wizard accidentally merges Peter with his own dragon so the main character is a dragon for most of the movie. In the end, science defeats magic and turns the dark wizard to dust.

        Loading editor
    • Very nice!

      Wow. Very interesting. Is there a sequel or a prequel?

        Loading editor
    • I think it's a standalone film.

      Gonna watch Rush Hour now. If I like it I'll order the sequels.

        Loading editor
    • Alright.

      Sounds good! Are you a Jackie Chan fan?

        Loading editor
    • Not particularly, but nothing againist him either. The film was all right, about average for me, I heard the other two were terrible so i won't get them.

      Have you seen The Sorcerer's Apprentice?

      And btw, I might not watch anything past Endgame anymore. They're taking WAY too long coming out with the DVD of it, it might not be till December, any Marvel movies after it will likely either take as long or not at all, meaning I'll have to rely on the Disney+ (which doesn't even EXIST yet), until it either removes it or shuts down, one of which will definitely be the case coz NOTHING stays ANYWHERE, not even on Netflix.

        Loading editor
    • Got it.

      Yeah, long time ago. You a big fan of it?

      I think it will be out in August, according to this site. And okay. Sorry to hear that. And why do you think that? I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with the MCU now either. Don't know if feel like investing all the time and money I did before only to get upset and disappointed again. Like if they turn Captain Marvel into an old woman, I don't think I can handle that. 

        Loading editor
    • I don't know, coz I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to.

      So it's coming out August? I hope so. I need Endgame to complete my collection.

        Loading editor
    • Alright.

      Yeah, should be. Speaking of Endgame, in my version, who would you cast for characters that aren't in the offical MCU like Lilandra?

        Loading editor
    • Not sure. Of course for Doom, Julian McMahon seems the image of him and I can't picture anyone else yet.

        Loading editor
    • Oh yeah! Maybe. In my version (should I do a sequel) I think for The Masters of Evil, Burch and Sterns were part of the villains Ross freed as well. I would also bring back Zola and have his mind in like a robot and add him to the group as well. I would also introduce the Entranchess for the group, so who do you think should play her?

        Loading editor
    • Interesting to see how you'd bring back Zola, since he was destroyed in The Winter Soldier. Not sure who'd play the Enchantress. (Isn't she DC though? She was the villain in Suicide Squad)

      The thing is, I don't know a lot about Marvel characters that didn't appear in movies, and if they did, whoever played them in my first and/or favorite movie would be my first image of them. Like Gene Hackman is classic Lex Luthor, Jack Nicholson is my favorite Joker, etc. But I suppose if I saw pictures of them I could think of someone. You want that to get a clear image of them, right?

      (Maybe continue this on a new thread, this one is getting long)

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