• I hate that's this is likely to be rougher than Narnias's movies. I hate hyena, I hate when poor wild canines are put the villain list because scientifically it's a false thing but it's immediately causes flash backs of the ancient time which is when poor wild canines were treated the worst. I hate how unnatral this Live action sequel will look on screen, I hate the danger such films can increase. 

    This if the bunch of stuff disapointing me in the early months the live acitoin sequel of the jungle Book. WIth your book thoughts I really just have to use tolerance to stay control. I hate how rude and cruel the live action wants to treat the Canidae.

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    • You're not what's annoying me 702085, I just love wild canines that all the videos that include the wild canines as the villains quickly irritate me. Plus from the book poor Tabaqui's a jaackal that's proved on the wikipedias of Kipling's two Jungle Book novels, in the picture of him being stared at by the wolves found on the wikipedia of these old books that don't really respect nature.

      And I didn't mention coyote because of not knowing the species enough to distinguish them, it's because others mentioned them plus it's true that jackal and coyotes have their scientific similarities plus the coyote's nickname American Jackal. I've known of the hyena idea quite a while I even saw the fuss about poor Tabaqui however he's cautious around the tiger while a hyena acts mainly with brutal motion. If his reality was more respected he'd even be pleased to move Kaa out of the way because there reptiles the omnivores eat.

      Whether Novel or film I don't let such changes hide from conservation people, that's part of why you're seeing me talk frequently for the wild canines who've struggled in recent scenes that includes the serious abuse Reirei's had to face hurt so seriously by mad or scard Pride Landrs not just Tabaqui future scenes in the live action, as well as that in this live action it's quite likely the poor dholes will look rougher than they did in their numerous animated TV videos but either way theyre the species that's been disrespected the most for years when comparing the whole cast of  Jungle Book characters.  In several of the animated video that do include the dholes poor dholes have the Asian species shown the most hatred by the other Jungle Book's characters especially the wolves, but in real life these two species aren't that different except for routine, they're put together in some of the non-fiction books of science.

      My speech of the canine family isn't just me trying to help the poor misunderstood Canidae it's the strength of my compassion sincerely shared with them too. Mainly for wild canines I'm not afraid to speak even when their future doesn't seem like it'll have any good result and I just don't like how often mean TV scenes increase the danger as quickly as fairy tales and myths did in the past.

      The hyena is the species I don't like at all, it isn't only the one who naturally chases several of the species I like it's the species that scares me more than a quiet reptile would. Wild canines inspire me however the hyena spooks me, they're two different families. 

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