• Lately, I've been editing around pages related to Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and I've noticed a few things that are in need of re-evaluation. Mostly all the pages relating to the film are filled with contents that sounds like speculation, fan-fiction and nonsense.

    When I read through the Atlantis page it says that after its discovery it became a secret tourist attraction for celebrities, and dignitaries. According to the Heart of Atlantis page, the crystal originated from a comet, which passed over Earth 10,000 years ago. We even have a page on Keepers of the Journal. I've watched the film and behind the scenes documentaries. There was no saying Atlantis became a tourist attraction, no origin of the crystal and no Keepers of the Journal.

    From what I can tell, all this information was plagiarised from the Atlantis Wiki, which is seemed to be more fan based than accurate. I think its time we gave Atlantis: The Lost Empire a major re-evaluation. Remove any information that is considered false as well reorganise and simplify the contents till they are more like the rest of the pages on this wiki.

    I'll be notifying other admins, content mods, and other good users to help out.

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