• In regards to a lot of the elaborate Atlantis lore stuff you ended up deleting a few months ago, a┬álot of that content is derived from material Disney published when the film first came out such as Atlantis Subterranean Tours , The Mythical World of Atlantis, from Plato to Disney, the Essential Guide from DK, and the film's original website, material which the fandom has been actively keeping in circulation ever since the film came out. The Keepers of the Journal stuff was even the focus of one of the film's tie-in games. While some of that content may have just been copypasted from a ratty Atlantis Wikia with no mods to clean out dumb "imaginary sequel" pages, a lot of it is legitimate material, and from the looks of it, some of that plagiarism was itself directly plagiarized from those guidebooks.

    I've already been reinstating some of that material and even started digging through some other Atlantis supplementary material deep cuts like a Danish comic prelude to the Iceland expedition, but I feel like I should make a case for that stuff's legitimacy before going through the trouble of rewriting the page about the Keepers.

    Also entirely unrelated to that, but as far as other Atlantis projects go, I feel like that Ketak page should just be converted into a general Atlantean vehicles page since it's not even using the correct vehicle for its image anyway and we don't really have anything on all the other fish vehicles which are all named within supplementary material.

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    • There was no evidence alongside these facts to prove they were official, so most of this stuff can be mistaken for fanfic in the eyes of someone who has never seen these guide books. The deleted Keepers of the Journal page can be undeleted and converting Ketak page to a all Atlantean vehicle page is not a bad idea.

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