• Which version of The Phantom Blot is your favorite/ do you think is best? And which version do you think is worst?


    I personally like the version used in Mickey Mouse Works and The House of mouse, because he has an intimidating voice, andmanages to be comical, yet intimidating at the same time. It's also implied he's fairly tall. ... There's also a fair amount of Nostalgia involved since I grew up watching House of Mouse.

    He also has many clever plans...okay, the whole "Phantom Rainbow" thing was...odd, but at least he had an interesting way of doing it...even if his reasons


    There was also when he framed Mickey Mouse in an episode of House of Mouse by stealing everyone in the house and manipulated a crime solving machine to give clues that weren't wrong, but were still misleading despite being correct. No one suspected him (despite playing several cartoons starring him in that episode) until Mickey was about to be arrested. And you have to admit, he went big (and kind of creative) in that episode. "What shall I steal today? I know! Everyone! This will freak out all the Disney fans! Oh, and let's frame that pesky mouse who always gets in my way while I'm at it." Heck, he had Mickey convinced that he was going crazy and stealing everyone.

    Least Favorite

    My least favorite version is the version used in an episode of Duck Tales. His voice sounded to me like a voice usually given to hench-men rather than villains, and was all scratchy. He also was much less intimidating due to being much shorter than every other version of him out there, and due to not really acting serious. Count how many times he says "take over the world" and

    I also thought his plan was cliche and not very well thought out... "Oh, I'll just use this top secret invisible plane to take over the world, and promise this guy he can be a general to get him to help me." First off, the guy he got to help him only wanted to be a general? Really? Second, it would take more than a bunch of invisible planes to take over the world. And third, taking over the world is not only cliche, but I feel like it's a bad idea. Seriously, keeping control of the world once you take it over would be really hard, that's why pretty much every empire has fallen. He seemed out of character with most other portrayals of the character.

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