• Exactly what it says on the box.

    We had:

    Frozen - The Snow Queen

    Tangled - Rapunzel

    Princess and the Frog - Princess and the Frog (well duh)

    If Disney are planning to make another film based off a fairy tale which one would you want it to be? Which one of your favourite bedtime stories would you want to be incarnated as a film?

    I always wanted to see a Disney version of The Wild Swans. That was my favourite fairy tale when I was a little boy. I always hoped that Disney in the old days would make a film based off that story. If Disney wants to make a film about it now then they should use the classic animation style since it brings back the nostalgia as well as suiting the story's style, being dark and filled with suffering. 

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    • Babes in the Woods


      Jack and the Beanstalk

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    • Here I'll mention a few that I remember reading so Disney's fans can have some new stories on the long list of future fairy tale movies. I'm a library volunteer I have plenty to offer Disney's Fans.

      The Land Of Elyon book Series by Patrick Carman, this one has a heroine doing things with animals

      the series of Serafina written by Robert Beatty, a tale of North Carolina's estate but  it's a pure fairy tale series

      The Star Thief, it's a fun pretend story of the constellation coming to life

      The Summer King Chronicles by Jesse E. Owen since it's both real animals, plus those like dragons and griffins added.

      NeverSink, it would be a tad like The Little Mermaid, because this story includes Sedna, except that it's auk birds, owls, and mammals put together near the north pole with the hummingbird as its good exception. Walrus, hummingbird, and puffin are the three main groups in this fiction tale.

      For fans who love witchy tales and like when witches do many things together in pure fairy tales, the book series called The Thickety series by J. A. White is a awesome choice for witch lovers.

      Katherine Roberts two books SpellFall and Spell Spring would be awesome choices for those who like stories that have both spiritual scenes, and magical scenes too.

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    • I very much doubt they'll return to the 2D animation. Wreck-It Ralph was awesome, and I will admit Moana had some amazing visuals, but the rest were, meh. Even Tangled. The Swan Princess and Winx Club switched to CGI and, perhaps by coincidence, the new Swan Princess movies haven't been as fun. (Haven't seen the Winx movies nor will I coz they're only in Nick dub which suck)

      I also doubt they'll make it more my style. Moana had some redeeming value, but Disney abandoned my favorite trend, which along with Sailor Moon got me into that in the first place.

      If you want a good 2D animated movie that's like the old Disney movies, there's My Little Pony: The Movie in October 6th. It'll have the intense epicness (to the point that it's rated PG, for all you who think it'll be some prissy movie) and hopefully some cuteness.

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    • All that aside, if they decide to revert to their old style:

      I do not recall there ever having been a film based on Rumpelstiltskin. Unless you count Shrek 4 (more proof that CGI can be good so don't get me wrong, I loved Shrek 1-3 but not 4 so much), and was unfamiliar with his fairy tale coz I hadn't seen any films on it. Of course Disney already glorified him by making him a fan-favorite on Once Upon A Time.

      I'd like to say Snow Queen, but there's Frozen. (Ten years ago Disney would have done a great job doing a Snow Queen film played straight, like the Disney-ish animated one that's already there, though it's a bit more squeamish about killing villains coz the Snow Queen still lives after falling into the lava (at least for the moment; I suspect she melts over the course of the next few minutes).

      Isn't Gigantic based off Jack and the Beanstalk?

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    • rumplestiltskin, puss in boots

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    • Puss in Boots would be nice too, we haven't seen a cat film since The Aristocats and Oliver & Company

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    • Disney mostly do princess fairy tales, so I'd like to see Princess & the Pea. It's a well known story, but I haven't really ever seen an adaptation of it ever.

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