• Everyone keeps asking, "where was Thor/Captain America/Iron Man/Hulk during these movies?".

    That's not my question.

    My question, which for some reason nobody seems to ask, but just puzzles me is...

    ...where were Coulson and his team during the events of the last three movies?

    Up until "The Avengers", Coulson was always present whenever something big happened in this universe. Yet, in the past three movies, we've had:

    -Aldrich Killian kidnapping a prominent U.S. politician and trying to murder him with Extremis, as well as stealing the Iron Patriot armor issued by the goverment

    -Malekith and his Dark Elves invading Earth

    -Alexander Goodvin Pierce holding the World Security Council hostage and trying to kill Nick Fury...

    ...and NONE of this garnered the attention of Coulson or his team?

    Why didn't they show up to stop Killian, Pierce or Malekith?

    Why didn't Iron Man call him? Why didn't Thor call him? Why didn't Captain America call him?

    Seriously, major goverment figures getting kidnapped, the Earth being invaded...and Coulson somehow doesn't show up?

    And if Jane Foster truly called him, why wouldn't he believe her? He knows about Thor, about the Chitauri, about the Tesseract, he knows the kind of universe he lives in, he has NO reason not to believe her!

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