• Okay, Epcot hasn't have a major change in about a decade. The park is worn down and its visitors are dwindling in numbers. Simply because not many people are interested in other's cultures. IMHO (don't hate me for this please, just opinions), Epcot needs a complete overhaul. I mean, as in complete change of the entire park.

    Epcot is the only Disney park with little connection to the Disney family itself, except for the fact that it's made by Walt Disney himself. However, Walt's vision never works after he died, and Epcot became simply a shadow of what could've been. nothing changed at all.

    and in the recent years, more Disney characters are invading the park. Three Caballeros in Mexico, Frozen in Norway, and character meets and greets like Mulan in China and Belle in France. Since its inevitable that Disney characters will someday completely overtakes Epcot, why not change it into a Disney-themed park now?

    This is my theory: the entire park should be of fictional Disney landscapes, but contains foreign country's cultures, foods, languages, etc. With these, you can have both Disney characters and cultures being introduced to both kids and adults at the same time. Kids being attracted to the characters, who will immerse them into that landscape's cultures and ideas. and adults will simply enjoy the things there, like they always do.

    like this: all "pavilions" should be fictional: 1. Arendelle: introduce Frozen, Norwegian cultures, languages, and music 2. San Fransokyo: introduce Big Hero 6, Japanese and San Fran cultures 3. Agrabah: introduce Aladdin, Middle Eastern cultures

    things like that.

    don't hate me please.

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