• While Robert Callaghan (also known as Yokai) did not perish like the other classical villains at the end of the movie, he does suffer a similar fate.

    All of his atrocities he committed as Yokai was for the sake of vengeance and when his daughter, the very reason behind his actions, returned to him alive and well, he realized the heavy consequences of his actions. While his daughter remained pure since day one, Robert had drastically changed since her supposed death. He is no longer the man, the father, she knew and he knows that as well.

    And with that, he had accomplished nothing but bringing utter ruin to his own life. He destroyed his own future, the promises he made for the world and Abigail's faith in him. He threw away everything and gained nothing.

    A life with no future is as worse as death. So in a way, he followed the downfall of a traditional villain.

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    • I brought up this discussion because I felt that Yokai's end was quite unique and heavy and I wished to express it. What do you guys think?

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