• I know you don't want to see this message from me but please hear me out. I am getting bored and have almost run out of fun things to do & going to the Degrassi wikia is fun for me. can you & Lauren at least shorten my ban to at least mid April? that sounds a little better, as it is still long I do not mind waiting 11 weeks. I promise I wont cause any trouble, I will not reply to anyone's comments & I will not make anyone feel bad or disturbed. I will just find a nice way to say my thoughts & move on. I have no idea what evidence you would need but shouldn't we try to find a better solution or a fix? Banning

    isn't always the best solution, talking things out and using conflict resolution is a good way, weren't we taught that as kids? I will do ANYTHING to come back in April. even if it means talking to no one (which I would 100% do). I will only communicate with the admins in a nice way, ya know.. saying things like "hello", "how was your day?" or "tell me about your day". and I will issue a typed apology to the most commented pages in the Degrassi wikia to end it. notice I am not arguing or saying anything stupid or inappropriate like the others who get banned. if it helps I will allow the people who read my apology to speak their

    mind about what they think about me. That is all. I shall get your response because I am either doing online math work, cleaning my neighbors homes or training dogs.. happy 2015:)

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