• How am I banned for a year? I didn't say anything bad. Didn't call anyone names. I didn't herass anyone. I left few comments. What disturbing comments? And I didn't repeat anything. Yes I commented on Zoe's page but just to say corrections. I apologized my 1st day back.

    I reviewed my last comments. I caused no fights. At least dumb it down to a few months. I talked to the wiki staff through email and they suggested we talk it out through community central. I said no sexual comments, I cursed no one out. Please can we talk so the ban is lessoned?

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    • I'm sorry, but many users are disturbed by your presence. You continue to make instigating comments and I am not standing for this sketchiness anymore.

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      Nothing instigating here. Notice I said that I wanted the storyline to die. That's not bad at all. also yes people felt disturbed from me viewing the recent activity everyday at mightnight but i talked to the staff and others and disturbing & creepy it may be but its not against any rules. anyone can view the wiki as much as the please. yes people had some problems with this but my intent wasn't to make people mad. And at least I stated that some corrections needed to be made. Honestly if you hear her talk it makes no sense. I hear it.

      That's all some users had a problem with. Yes they stated when I first came that they are wigged out by me viewing the wiki but its legal. I told them I will change. Other than that 1 Zoe comment page everything else is OK. I didn't say anything bad to users. I told them they can think of me as they want.

      So if those 2 comments I made are that bad I didn't know. But they don't equal "harassment". And the replies people made weren't bad. No one argued with me. Comparing her words to someone who doesn't think & calling everything she did a mess isn't instigating. I had the staff look

      At them.  Other than that I apologized and let people say what they wanted. And those 2 comments don't equal everything on the log. The rest of my comments are: a theory about Arlene (not bad), and my apology followed by telling people I'd stay out their way. That's it.

      If you can please review them (the links) you will see is that I said nothing wrong. If you have a problem with the 2nd link fine... But 1 year doesn't equal those 2 comments. I will do whatever you want if you read these links & how about just banning me till next January. When I emailed the staff

      A member said something like (I'm just paraphrasing) " your 2 comments in the link do get a raise out of some users but there is no harassment here or intimidating comments. You should not speak so badly about that character and stay off their page." 

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