• ★ Battle of the Disney Scenes - Favorite Scene: The Little Mermaid ★ I made a Poll and so far, 281 Disney Fans have voted in it and the Scene that is winning is ★ A Happy Ending/Wedding at Last ★

    Do you agree with this? Or do you have another scene in the movie, that you just love way more?
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    • My all-time favorite Disney Scene from ANY Disney Film is Crash the Wedding! I just love it SO much! Vanessa is so beautiful and I just love the way the animals attack her, I bet the animators had a lot of fun with this scene. A beautiful woman getting attacked like this :P But also, it's a very important scene in the movie as Ariel and Eric doesn't get to kiss in time and Ursula wins.
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    • I like the scene where the priest has a significant bulge in his pants. That was funny.

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    • ^That's the guy's knee. He was genuflecting. It was not an erection.

      As far as my favorite scene in the movie, I really can't give a favorite. Even ignoring that the film has a huge connection to my childhood, Toy Story ruined my ability to have favorites. That being said, I actually do have a soft spot to Part of Your World, and the end wedding (a bit bittersweet, really, as that was the last time Disney actually depicted a Christian wedding in an Animated Feature until Princess and the Frog, and it's not even clear Tiana and Naveen were even sincere regarding the Christian ceremony since they technically married before that when they were frogs. Starting with Beauty and the Beast, they either skipped over weddings entirely or otherwise just saved it for the sequels. I also especially appreciate it that Ariel's version of the Royal Weddings stories actually DOES try to emulate actual Christian weddings even more than the actual film itself, it being on a boat instead of inside a church aside, and even THAT was somewhat understandable since there's no way Ariel's family can attend if it was in a land-locked Church. I'm pretty sure Eric got the Holy See's permission before doing that, though.).

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    • The final fight at the end, it was one of the most epic battles (next to Maleficent, Jafar, and Scar) and has what is considered to be the most brutal Disney villain death

      Wait, this movie came out in the same year as the Tim Burton Batman movie?

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    • Ghostkaiba297 wrote: The final fight at the end, it was one of the most epic battles (next to Maleficent, Jafar, and Scar) and has what is considered to be the most brutal Disney villain death

      Wait, this movie came out in the same year as the Tim Burton Batman movie?

      It did.

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    • Part of that World is easily an iconic scene in Disney Film history that I find as my favorite, but I am also deeply impressed with how they accomplised the who Poor Unfortunate Souls, Paying Deal, and Transformation scene involving Ursula.  The effort into making such a scene given the even darker and gory Book counterpart version it is an amazing how Disney accomplish it.

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    • Under The Sea into Ariel meeting Eric is my favorite part.

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    • I'm torn between Part of your World and Poor Unfortunate Souls. (The fact that they are both songs is merely coincidence). Part of Your World was memorable, and I'm sure anyone who's seen it has memorized it. But Poor Unfortunate Souls was also amazing and memorable in its own way. (The animation on both was amazing!)

      I don't know, which do you think is better?

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    • I like the dressing scene and the second meeting with Eric; Glen Keane's animation is so brillant and meaningful here. <3

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    • My favorite Little Mermaid scene is where Ariel finds out she has feet and wiggles her toes.

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    • These are my favorite scenes from the movie

      1. When Ariel pursues her dream of being a human and of love as she does everything to fight for what she wants-> Determination and Perseverance

      2. When King Triton transforms Ariel into a human and gives his blessing to Ariel and Eric's marraige --> Acceptance

      3. When Sebastian went with Ariel as they began her journey in the human world --> Support

      4. Flounder's comfort when Ariel didn't understand King Triton and his surprise of having Prince Eric's statue in her grotto

      --> Loyalty

      5. When Prince Eric said "I've already lost her once, I am not gonna lose her again, You're the one and No, I won't leave you."

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    • My favorite scenes: 

      §   The beginning

      Both the scene on Eric´s ship and the one under the sea with the fishes. The beginning is so magical and beautiful. 

      §  Ariel and Flounder looking for stuff in the sinking ship. 

      This scene reminds me off the tv series. I wish though I that scene was longer. 

      §  Part of your world 

      My favorite song of the whole movie and a very beautiful scene. 

      §  Ariel saves Eric

      I love this scene. Ariel is really brave here and the scene is very well dune.


      §    Poor Unfortunate Souls. 

      I just love Ursusla and her that song is amazing


      ·         Ariel is exploring the parts off being a human


      I love it how amazed she is about being a human and about how everything works.


      ·         The beautiful ending

      I love the beautiful ending with Ariel and Eric´s wedding and Ariel becomes a human.



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    • Screenshot 2016-04-18-15-09-19
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    • Ha! I'm necroposting!

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    • Tlmpe707

      The precise moment that Ursula takes Ariel’s voice, brrr

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    • The part where ariel sings part of your world :)

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    • Under the Sea.

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    • under the sea

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    • A FANDOM user
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