• When I first saw Inside Out, I found four moments that I found the saddest:

    1. When Bing Bong got sad after witnessing his rocket fall into the Memory Dump.
    2. When Joy was crying in the Memory Dump, and saying "All I wanted was for Riley to be happy..."
    3. When Bing Bong faded away from Riley's mind.
    4. When Riley confessed that she misses Minnesota.

    Of these four moments, which would you consider the saddest? I find #4 the saddest.

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    • 1. The scene in which Joy breaks down in the dump. This was jarring, because this is Joy we're talking about; she's the very manifestation of all things fun and happy. And yet, here she is crying. However, the scene also causes Joy to realize how important Sadness was for Riley when she looked at one of the memories and saw the full picture.

      2. Bing Bong's death. Bing Bong represents childhood in its purest form, and sometimes it's really painful when you have to let go of your childhood memories. Even though Riley forgot him, Bing Bong still loved her enough to the point that he purposefully jumped out of the wagon-rocket just so Joy could make it back to Headquarters. What should also be noted is that he told Joy to sing louder so that she wouldn't hear him jump out, and that it's highly possible that the emotions don't mention him again, because they forgot about him.

      3. Riley admitting that she missed home was, of course, quite a tear jerker in and of itself. Many people who had had to move away from their childhood homes can relate to Riley's situation. This scene was also poignant, in that Joy actually let Sadness touch the core memories. Keep in mind that she was originally opposed to the idea of Sadness touching any core memories; this goes to show that Joy had developed as a character.

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    • You know, if Sadness could also fall into the memory dump with Joy, she could cry with her at first, but then Sadness could have a spark of hope and later comforting and cheering up Joy. It's like viceversa. like if Joy was sad right now and Sadness is the only one being optimistic

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    • I counted, and I think that there are about seven sad moments in Inside Out. I will list them here (in no particular order)

      1. When Goofball Island crumbles. 2. When Bing Bong cries. 3. When Joy BETRAYES Sadness 4. Joy cries in the memory dump. ("I just wanted Riley to be happy...") 5. Bing Bong's sacrifice/death. 6. Joy chases Sadness 7. Riley goes back home/ sad core memories

      Just my opinion, what do you guys think?

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    • I find the sad core memories moments the saddest.

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    • I think the most people cried on that scene.

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