• Due to your disagreement issues, editing conflicts, and using your Administration rights to block yourself, you are hereby demoted. When you were promoted, you had a great responsibility to use these rights to help the wikia not use them to lock yourself out and display your depression when something you don't know about happens.

    I am sorry if you are displeased with the decisions I made against you, but the Administration rights are not meant for such ridiculous purposes.

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    • Look, you have the right to remove my Admin Rights that's fine It's a HARD lesson learned. Now keep in mind I am nothing like that user Duke Remington (which keep in mind regardless if he's doing better on the site, he still continue keeps making rants and act a lot more childish especialyy continuing with his sayings "You admins are mean, blahblahblah...". Personally, I just tend to see those changes (e.g. removal of a few categories, removal of birthday texts, additional voices, spoiler tags on when they are put in/and removed, the fates of certain characters and objects) to come out of the blue. Yes, I had made disagreements and arguments with several users before mostly based on personal beliefs and what is supposedly right for Disney wikia (IsabellaLegoLiker, Hey1234, Dlrgirl, Byzantinefire, PatTag, YOU, and especially Bluetopia since he came to the site 6-8 months ago), and yes I can get upset of those changes, but I learn to accept them afterwards as a result.  

      It's just that, ever since i haven't made any contact with chat for months because of my personal reasons with real world things and the changes that have been happening recently, I just find it having a hard time relating with BlueTopia and what happened today was just my last straw with him. So yeah you were right, I was never meant to be accepted as an admin in the first place, guess I have to learn to take the high road.

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    • You are forgiven, so relax.

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    • A FANDOM user
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