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    Can you supply proof that Maurice, the Black Forest, and the Library were in Kingdom Hears chi? It's not that I don't believe you, but I need the proof for KHWiki, you see.

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    • Sorry, I didn't record my walkthrough and didn't find anyone else's of the last story update yet. I don't know which Kingdom Hearts Wiki you're referring to, but on Maurice already has a page and there's his sprite from the game. For the library, it's partially visible on one of the images on KHchi's page (, though it may be hard to recognise. I'll let you know when I'll find a recorded walkthrough. It's OK if edits have to be reverted for a while.

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    • I meant Thanks for the information, though. Hopefully if you do another walkthrough, you record it.

      EDIT: I guess Gaston, the triplets, and the like aren't in chi, right? I must admit, though, chi seems to have some chronological issues. It was supposed to take place just before the Keyblade War, yet the scene with Belle and Maurice being saved by the player from rabid dogs would suggest that this took place late into Beauty and the Beast, despite 358/2 days and II strongly suggesting that they took place before Belle learned her dad needed help in the woods.

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