• From what I've noticed in all my years on the Disney Wiki is that some of the characters from live-action Disney movies set in the 1900's and somewhat 2000's are stubs. Therefore, they are articles that need improvement. Examples of live-action movies' characters of such are as follows:

    - Pete's Dragon characters except the Gogans

    - Darby O'Gill and the Little People characters except the villains

    - Swiss Family Robinson characters except Kuala, the pirates, Father, Mother, and Captain Moreland

    - The Ugly Dachshund characters especially the Garrisons and their dogs

    - Blackbeard's Ghost characters except Blackbeard and Seymour and his thugs

    - Snow Dogs characters

    - Old Dogs characters

    I know that some of these characters in those Disney movies may seem either uninteresting or hard to expand for you but a very good friend of mine once told me: "It's not about hating the character, it's about expanding the character's article for the community to read and enjoy." Therefore, we expand to satisfy others, who interested, with as much info as possible no matter what.

    It's like having a new job for example. You don't like it but you work and go through with it anyway to earn more income for your future no matter what consequences or other obstacles that may befall you or whether you find it uninteresting or not.

    If any of you are interested and have good questions, feel free to comment here. I am not forcing anyone to do all of them. I'm just pointing out about how we can make the Disney Wiki a success if we work together to help expand it much more for the community's best interests and what better way to start than those characters.

    I, myself, was actually lucky enough to actually expand ALL Oliver & Company character pages when I first started out 4 years ago and now, it's all completed and we move on to something else wherever edits, contributions, and infos are needed most. :)

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