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    This maybe a cute, but silly question, but, does Skippy looked up to Robin Hood as his father? I mean, it's like Robin Hood is like a father figure to Skippy.

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    • I kinda think he thinks of him more like a big brother, but maybe both! ^^

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    • I suppose he would. It wouldn't be that out of context. I mean, every generation of children had their own heroes- larger-than-life individuals whom they idolized and looked up to and wanted to emulate. Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, etc. Further, I take Skippy's climbing onto the carriage at the end of the movie as proof that Robin later took him under his wing and trained him as his protégé in archery.

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    • The young bunny Skippy just wishes to be a similar hero in the future, and that's surely from how much grattitude everyone wants to give Robin Hood.

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