• @Butterfly2015, what i can say up front is what came out of the rumor mill most recently.

      If it were to continue on its current network Disney Channel they are going to release all the principal cast to both programs and replace them with younger people to fit the target demographic of 9-16 year olds disney channel has, that's not 100% certain, it is a rumor

      Freeforms stance on hosting anything from Disney Channel has significantly softened, they are willing to send Girl Meets World back home to that network from the Disney Channel, they are willing to take it back no questions asked, no retransmission consent required.

      That is certain, we just have to wait on both networks to deliver this word of mouth

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    • That's a great idea! But shows has to end and comes up to make the new ones after all. 

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    • @TinyTyrone, yes i know and it should have been in use for Girl Meets World to begin with.

      I can tell you if there is a season 4, the storyline is confirmed to head to college. Disney Channel doesn't have the tools or resources in place to handle major life transitions for its characters such as going from high school into college, it only has the tools to handle middle school into high school, and even than it doesn't properly go through the 4 years of high school a teenager would go through, by nature it has to edit down and speed up that time in order to go through it and fulfill the fixed schedule of tape in order to fit into 4 seasons or the greater of 100 episodes.

      Freeform does have the tools to handle major life transitions for its characters where Disney Channel does not, If i worked for the network (Disney Channel) I would take every step possible to develop the tools to handle major life transitions like high school into college which it doesn't have while still being mindful of my target audience of 9-16 year olds.

      That's true shows have to end under what the current formula is, and room has to be made for the new ones.

      The current formula is a variable, one full year is defined under it as 18 to 39 episodes, where it can be split up into two segments with the second one being a half season, or even one new season completely.

      It can easily end in fewer than 65 episodes being aired (where the show would reach broadcast syndication), as having more than 65 episodes aired. 

      The general standard is 4 seasons or the greater of 100 episodes aired, it can easily end in fewer episodes than that as having more than that aired.

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    • I hope Girl Meets World gets revived on Disney+ for a 4th season onwards.

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    • A FANDOM user
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