• The details on Sofia's heritage is not permitted on this Wiki, I told you before. Since it has so far not been noted in the show it does not count on the Wiki. We are only permitting what is seen and heard in the show itself, and so far even to this day there is no mention of Sofia's family name being Balthazar and her birthplace being Freezenburg.

    Continue to insist on these findings and I shall have no choice but to take drastic measures to protect the contents of the Sofia pages. I know where you have been getting these facts from. The same old news and twitter posts that have been rejected more than twice from this Wiki. Unless it is officially seen in the show these posts are irrelevant.

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    • Okay Tycio, that is the last staw. We, especially me, have told you time and time again about noting Sofia's Heritage. For ignoring instructions to stop you are hereby temporally banned from the Wiki. If this continues afterwards you will be banned again, and so on until after six strikes your last ban will become permanent.

      The details of Sofia's Heritage is not permitted.

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