• Do you think Merlock survived the fall at the end of DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp or do you think he's pronounced DOA (Dead on arrival)?

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    • It all comes down to whether his immortality is complete invincibility like in Dragonball Z, or just a "never die of old age, so can live forever unless you're killed" like on Lord of the Rings.

      I'll have to watch the movie to be sure, but since the general consensus is that he is dead I'll say the latter applies, and he is.

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    • Even if his immortality wish did make him completely invincible - it was said his wish was to "live forever" and didn't elaborate further, so it presumably just meant he couldn't die of old age - all the genie's wishes were undone at the end of the film, so if Merlock was still alive at that point, he'd suffer the same fate as Mother Gothel and Edgar Volgud when they lost their immortality after hundreds of years.

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